Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Library

This photo was in McAllister's Deli in Moore. I saw it the other day when I was in there getting a sandwich. So I took this image with my phone. It is behind glass. That's why you can see the reflections of people in the glass on top of the photo. I am one of those figures.

Our first library was a bookmobile that came around about once a month I think. I happen to know that bookmobile began coming around our little town in 1958. I know that because I just read that this year (2008) is the 50th anniversary of our library system.

I remember that bookmobile pretty clearly and how much I enjoyed my mother taking me and my brother there. We had books before the bookmobile but beats me where we got them.

This little building though was our first library building. It isn't much of a building is it? I bet a little community couldn't do something like that now. There would be too many regulations against it

Among other things the caption reports that our first librarian was Mrs. Mildred Moore. I remember her quite clearly, too. I thought since her name was Moore and since the town was Moore that she must own the town and all the books. I was really grateful that she was letting me read some of her books, too.

I think later on this little building became a barber shop owned by a man whose son was in my grade at school. He had been a butcher but because of polio had to find something less strenuous. Or maybe I have it backwards and it was a barber shop first. I guess being a barber is less strenuous than being a butcher but barbers do a lot of standing.

Anyway this was my first library.


~Betsy said...

What a great picture! I love learning the history of small towns!

Lori1955 said...

Cool picture. You have certainly seen that town change in your lifetime. The longest I ever lived in one city was 10 years so I never really saw history being changed. I don't know if I would find that exciting or sad. Progess is great but somehow I think we lose something as things grow.