Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I've Been Reading Again 3

The Lake House by James Patterson

This is a sequel to a previous Patterson book I just finished and mentioned in this post. I debated quite a bit with myself before I ordered this title. Because on the Amazon site more than half of the reader reviews were 1 star. That's pretty bad for a James Patterson effort. So it gave me pause.

Fortunately for me I decided to ignore the negatives and order the book anyway. And I enjoyed it as much as I did reading the first one.

I honestly don't understand the complaints about this book. There is considerable difference to me in the plot and I thought there were several interesting twists. Patterson moves the story along in his normally quick manner and there are very few boring paragraphs.

There's plenty of stuff to make one think about our brave new world, too.

The story resumes where that first book stopped. Kit and Frannie lose a custody battle for the bird children who all go to live with their "natural" parents - which is really a misnomer. There's a little bit about how hard it is for the children to be different in school and some rather believable but detestable exploitation by the natural parents.

Early on it is revealed there's another medical facility and another evil doctor doing evil things to people in the name of scientific progress for the benefit of humanity.

It is not difficult at all for me to believe that there may well be such medical experimentation taking place now or at least planned. I am continually surprised by how quickly so many people are willing to forfeit individual rights of others for the benefit of society.

The amazing thing to me about the United States is that we have so much individual freedom.

The evil doc eventually tries to capture Max and Matthew. They escape and flee to Frannie and eventually Kit is involved.

I have to admit that some of the descriptions of stuff being done to individuals is so sickening that I had to take a break from it.

I haven't decided if I will acquire the 4 books that follow this. Patterson wrote them especially for a teenager audience I am told. I can understand why, too.

But I have about 3 different books underway right now so I think I'll try to catch up a bit.

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Nancy said...

i read the lake house and enjoyed it as well. but then again, as i think i mentioned before, i love james patterson, i have read ALL of his books and look forward to each and every one that comes out.