Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New House Update

Used my new exercise room for the first time on Saturday, August 23rd. Haven't missed a day since either.

That's the infrared sauna to the far left. We placed it inside one of the closets. Fits nicely there. We spend about an hour all together in there. First time is at 120 then 130 and finally 140. Really feels good.

Closest to it is my favorite machine, the elliptical. When I first got it I was in pretty bad shape both physically and emotionally. I recall going to a meeting at my first aid provider company and the admitting nurse was so concerned about me that she insisted I drink a bottle of water while she watched. My blood pressure was high and I was dehydrated and I hadn't slept in days.

I hired the agency to provide aides for respite and I bought the elliptical. When I first got it I couldn't do more than about 30 minutes at the lowest resistance which was 1. Now I work at 8 and 10 resistance and usually get 45 or 50 minutes. I drink 32 ounces of water during that workout.

Later I bought the treadmill and also taught myself to use it as well as walk and jog outside. It helps to have something different to change up workouts.

There is an adjoining bathroom to this room that has a shower. It isn't done but I can use the shower. It is a bit worse than camping. But I'm not very picky and I sweat a lot.

Progress on the house is occurring but slowly. I have learned that I am color challenged among other things. There are things I just do not care about very much. Color is one of them. Everything could be painted white or 'taupe" or some other lighter color for that matter and I wouldn't even notice. Maybe it is because I cannot really tell the difference between certain shades of color. Especially I cannot tell that a paint chip is the same or not as the color on the wall or the cabinet. Never looks the same to me.

Textures are more important to me though. I like to feel things. I really have no distinct preference except I like thinks to have a texture. I guess that means I do not like everything smooth maybe.

I care about sound a lot. Sounds bother me. I hear sounds that apparently no one else does. For instance, I kept hearing the sound of running water in the master bath area but the water was all disconnected from that area and everything having to do with water was totally destroyed so there was nothing capable of running. But to me it sounded like a waterfall. No one else could hear it. It turned out to be a leaking outside faucet. The plumber had to bust out a big hole in the brick to get to it.

I bought a washer and dryer. We spent quite a bit of time on this. Finally decided to go with a mid-priced front load set.

First I went to Home Depot because they had what I was instructed to buy which was an Emerald Green LG pair. Color is very important to Mrs. Flinty. I would have bought white left to my own choice.

LG is a manufacturer. Last time I bought my "new" washer and dryer, now 19 years ago, there was no brand called LG.

Anyway the Home Depot guy was writing up my order and they had 216 emerald green washers so that was good. But then they had ZERO dryers. I said "will you be getting some?" and he said "No, see that second column is also ZERO and that means we won't get anymore." I said "My wife will not let buy an Emerald Green washer and some other color dryer." He said "Neither will anyone else's wife." So I thanked him and left as he had no other suggestions.

Then I got on the internet and found the same color at Best Buy. I thought to myself: "Crap, I don't want to go there" because either of the two stores near me is a hassle to drive to. We're getting a new one near dad's farm but it is just now being built. But then I decided to buy them from the Internet site and it turned out to be flawless. Expensive but flawless. It is amazing to me that the accessories were as much as the units.

I still have to buy a "work surface" to go on top of the washer and dryer, too.

You can't see it in the image but the counter top is replaced and the glass tile above the splash back is new.

That's pretty much all I have to report.


Lori1955 said...

Oh Flinty, I understand. My walls are all white and so are my appliances. I'm just not one for a lot of color I guess or maybe I just don't have the vision to see what it would look like. Love the exercise room. It looks like a regular gym.

~Betsy said...

The house is looking wonderful. But I didn't see any Big Ass Fans! :)