Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Husband Test

Last night the washer overflowed in the garage. While I was inspecting the machine we noticed an opossum behind the washer. They, along with raccoons and a few other animals, like to come into the garage to eat the cat's food. The cat doesn't really enjoy them being in there.

The opossum did not enjoy being wet however and so moved on his (or her) own to a place near the open garage door. I yelled at him and wielded a nearby broom which had just been in service sweeping water out of the garage. Usually opossums curl up in a little ball and play opossum when you yell at them but this one was apparently traumatized enough to flee when the opportunity presented itself.

Then I figured out the drain pipe was clogged. By running more water of course if you were wondering. Have to be quick on the knob. Judy's washer is labeled "Silver Anniversary" and is a Maytag brand. I think that means it was produced in 1973 which makes it 34 years old. Pretty good service I'd say.

I poured an entire gallon or so of Drain-o down the pipe and it began draining.

I think this was my first test of husbandility.

I passed but not because of any skill or knowledge.

But I've always thought being lucky was as good or better than being competent.


~Betsy said...

Oh my, Flinty! You gotta love the husband tests, huh? Looks to me as if you passed with flying colors.

Just a heads up - be careful with the Drain-o if you have a septic!

nancy said...

glad you passed the test!!!!

opossum's can be real pests and vicious too. i remember years ago when the boys caught one in a squirrel trap. he wasn't happy to say the least, snarling and growling and such. no such luck for us either with curling up in a ball.

Chris said...

There's no accounting for good quality appliances. In this world of throwaway goods, if anything makes it 34 years, that's nothing short of a miracle!

steflovesnonna said...

good job! I am sure you will pass all your exams! I sometimes fail one or two but my over all average works out ok. Some will go for you and your husbandility. lol

Lori1955 said...

Well I'm glad to hear you passed the test Terry. May I suggest that you buy a snake though. That DrainO can eat right through your pipes.