Monday, October 29, 2007

Interesting Visitors

My son sent this to me by email on Saturday.
He was going to let his dog out in the backyard.
Changed his mind though after seeing the visitor.
Grabbed his camera and took several photos.
Later she was up a tree with 2 young'ns.


nancy said...

beautiful animal but kinda scary when you stop to think. makes me concerned for young children as well as animals! is this the first sighting in your son's area?

Amelia said...

I would be afraid to let my dog out knowing these "visitors" are around.

rilera said...

Yikes, what is that, a gougar or a lynx?

flintysooner said...

Mostly we think it is a Bobcat but it is the largest one I've ever seen if it is. It doesn't quite look like a Bobcat in the face though and it is huge.

Mountain Lions or Cougars are known in Oklahoma but are very, very rare.

Another thing scary about this animal is that it is not afraid of humans which probably means someone has been feeding it and its offspring.

My son managed to get a video of them playing.

He's talking to the home owners association and the police and so on.

I've only seen a Bobcat in the wild once before.

~Betsy said...

Wow - if this is a female and she has young ones, that can be scary. We don't have any bobcats but we do have fox and coyotes. The coyotes freak me out when I hear them at night.

I've also seen remnants of a bear visit. This made me uncomfortable as well.

We tend to close up our chickens when it gets dark these days. I'm sure they look like dinner to many critters.

This picture does look like a female bobcat, though. I hope your son can get some peace of mind soon.

SKYGIRL said...

I couldn't quite place it either Flinty! And I LOVE Wild-Life. It looks like a cross between a Bob Cat & a Mountain Lion, but not sure if that is possible?

I hope you can post the Video, I would LOVE to see it!

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Beautiful animal, but scary to have in a back yard. Glad he saw her before he let his dog out. That could have been an awful scene. Hope they can trap her and her young and take them to a larger wilderness for everyone's safety.

Lori1955 said...

Well it's just plain scary to me. I would be locked in the house with my little dog trying to teach him to use the toilet.

SKYGIRL said...

LOL! Lori! You are really going to "LOVE" Montana! I can tell! LOL! No Air Conditioning, Critters!

I can just see you & the little white-one, shivering in the corner, of that big ol' house! Funny!

You can check into some swanky hotel, and gambling "IS" legal here too! And we will just take innocent, well, pretty innocent excursions. Would that work for ya?

rilera said...

My dad and I got caught between a mother black bear and her cubs once in our neighborhood in N. MN. That was pretty scary. The ears on this cat look like a lynx. I'll have to google bobcat. What a beautiful animal! But scary. We have a rescue/sanctuary in MN for big cats like this that people have tried to make into pets. I have a link on my blog to it.

dave said...

My dad was born in Oklahoma in 1913 and left during the dust bowl days, going to California, about like Steinbeck said it was in "Grapes of Wrath".

I've spent quite a lot of time in the Idaho mountains and I've seen exactly one bob cat and that for just a milli second.

A bit disconcerting, but beautiful.

Cinnamin said...

Goodness!! I sure wouldn't want to wake up to THAT in MY front yard!

Lol, Lori - They actually sell "how to toilet train your cat" information, don't know if they have one for dogs!!

Dave, my parents were missionaries to the migrants in California. They were assigned to the Weedpatch Camp in Arvin, CA when they first arrived in CA in the early 60's. This is where the Grapes of Wrath was filmed! The government decided that having a church at the camp was a violation of church and state and in 1971, the church closed and we were told that they were going to make it into a state run pre-school, which never happened, it's full of old junk, storage for old furniture and such, to this day. I have a link to it on my blog if you'd like to check it out!