Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Work and meetings

I think my work is finding me rather than me finding it. At least for now. And it's nice to have something to do actually. Like all work there are things I enjoy more and things I could live without.

We had a big (as in important) meeting today. I thought I was pretty calm about it. Got up and drove over to the house and exercised as is my custom for the last few days. Then showered and dressed and walked over to the little office we have set up.

First thing I noticed was that my mouth was dry as cotton. Our guests were a little late so we had to wait and that seemed to make my mouth drier no matter how much water I drank.

Finally they arrived and we all drove over to the meeting. It was a good meeting and really did not last much more than a couple of hours. We drove back to our office and our guests left.

Then I noticed how tired and kind of deflated I felt. It was a good meeting so it wasn't that. It was a beautiful day. I felt great. But wow I was really down.

Finally figured out it was the coming down from the adrenalin high I was on for the meeting. Funny that I didn't even realize it.

A long while ago my work consisted mostly of meetings. One does gain a certain conditioning for them and I don't have it right now.

Meetings are not things I enjoy so much. But they are necessary to get to do the things that are enjoyable.

I suppose that's the way a lot of life is though.


cornbread hell said...

"I think my work is finding me rather than me finding it."

good. no matter which way i read it. good.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Glad you're getting back into the swing of things. It'll take some time to adjust, but you're already on the right track. You've taken your first step. Keep walking! :)

~Betsy said...

Flinty, it is so hard for me to picture you nervous about anything, much less a meeting with a bunch of suits. You conquered the caregiver role for 9 years - NINE YEARS! You, my friend, are certainly equipped to conquer the meeting rooms.

Maybe with a little more practice you'll feel the faith in yourself that I feel for you. Really, I have a ton of respect for caregivers and you have set the bar pretty darn high for the rest of us.

You can do this. Baby steps!

Chris said...

You always find the most profoundest (is that a word?) things to say i.e. I think my work is finding me rather than me finding it. You should write a book of quotes.

Take care Flinty.....and don't work too hard.

Lori1955 said...

WORK???? Isn't that a four letter word?

nancy said...

considering you haven't had to go to many meetings in the last 9 years, i would say YOU DONE GOOD!

thanks for continuing to post.

SKYGIRL said...

I want to hear what the "FUN" part is? The rest sounds a little....Dry.....Sorry couldn't help myself! LOL!

We Want Fun! We Want Fun! ;-)