Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Learning You Tube and Other Stuff

We learned to use You Tube the other night.

I'm pretty disappointed in the user interface. I figured since the thing was so popular it would be pretty good.

I uploaded a video first. There's a form you have to complete. Almost every field is required but it doesn't say so. That is until you have tried to submit and then it tells you the first field you missed. So I fixed that field and lo and behold the form had lost my other entries. That's very rude. And then repeated for every field until I figured out all of them were required.

Finally I got the little video clip uploaded but next you have to wait for the processing to occur which took a really long time. I expected it to take about as long as Blogger because that's the only other experience I had to compare. But it took forever.

Well finally it processed but I didn't want everyone in the world seeing the clip so I restricted it. But I didn't have any contacts so I had to add some.

Adding contacts is not as easily done as I had hoped. I won't go into the details but finally I managed to have 2 contacts. So I went to share my video with them only to find they didn't show up in my security list. Finally figured out you have to assign the contacts to a group before you could share something.

I won't even start to describe the trouble Judy had which was not really all You Tube's fault but mostly.

But she got a friend before I did. And it was a guy. But I am not the jealous type.

Speaking of Judy, she knows the name (first and middle and last) of most every person in my family. She knows my grandkid's birthdays and what they like and dislike. She makes these amazing gift bags for the girls and the younger boys. The older boys she says are harder. I have 8 grandchildren. And she knows my kids and their spouses and all their birthdays. And even a lot of my cousins and a few of their kids. And my dad's birthday and my mom's and when mom died and mom's and dad's anniversary. Stuff like that including all sorts of stuff about me that I don't even know myself. Like my eye color. I hadn't really thought about my eye color and don't really examine my eyes that much. And all this knowledge is collected and absorbed from the briefest of conversations and associations and visits. Really I don't understand how it happens.

Now I, on the other hand, am a book of different cover, a horse of a different color, a person of a different stripe, or some other idiosyncratic phrasal idiom. I can't keep track of the names of her aunts and uncles and brother and sister and respective spouses (past and present) and their children and their children much less birthdays and anniversaries. I do pretty well remembering her mom's name though. And I am pretty good with her children and their children. Now the birthdays that I track I must admit I owe it all to my Treo's calendar.

I just bring this up because this will be my first Thanksgiving and probably Christmas and whatever other holidays there are with her family. Should be interesting.

The Bobcat or Cougar or whatever hasn't been back to my son's so no news on that front.

The opossum that I chased away returned and proceeded to die behind the washer. Yours truly had to carry it way out into the pasture. Something, however, carried the carcass back up in the yard today though. The disposal quit working but I got someone to come fix it. The water heater pilot light went out and I had to light it.

Nothing much else going on except for decisions that will have long term and far reaching consequences for our families' future generations and perhaps the existence of life on the planet.

But nothing much more than that.


Annie said...

It sounds like you are racking up the husband points! May your decision making be wise.

dave said...

Most of the time, I am not an idiot, but when it comes to these electronic things I may be in the running. I have a car radio that I can change the stations, manually, and the rest is a chinese zoo. Can't even change the clock.
Your frustrations are shared!

~Betsy said...

Before I bought this computer, I used an ancient one. It worked, so I thought what the heck. This machine plays video and actually has SOUND! I've watched some of the videos on You Tube and got a kick out of them.

It sounds like you are really growing accustomed to the husband thing. Good for you, Terry. Judy sounds like a gem.

nancy said...

i too tried to use u-tube for the first time 2 nights ago. i wasn't that impressed as well.

sounds to me like judy is wonderful but then again you are pretty special too!

hope you have a good rest of the week.

cornbread hell said...

what's your you tube name? i think mine is mosaicist. if you add me as friend can i see your video?

i basically use youtube to help me keep track of the web site my son is creating ("Texas Tides") about texas history. youtube's pretty cool for stuff like that. as long as someone other than i am doing the technical part. after "log in" i'm useless.

Lori1955 said...

So that's all that's going on in your life? LOL. By the way when I can't figure something out or can't remember things I just say that I am still suffering from caregivers dementia. I wonder how long I can use that excuse.

If you make any decisions that effect life on this planet could you please run it by us first. As for the rest, you are on your own.

steflovesnonna said...

Thats not bad, it seems like you were able to figure out You Tube just fine. I am pretty impressed.

*hugs* my friend.

Chris said...

I just get on Youtube to watch animals and people dance funny dances. Otherwise I can't follwo it. It was great diversion for my mom though and really worked to bring her out of her funk at times.

Getting back into life is sometimes daunting. Iam going through it myself. But along with it comes a part of self definition. I see you are defining youself just fine. Take care and watch out for dem possums.

SKYGIRL said...

Oh just those little ol' decisions, eh? Oh, about Judy, I think it is a girly thing to keep tract of all that stuff, but she seems to be doing a remarkable job.

U-Tube, I didn't realize you were registering as a user. Sounds frustrating. I was gloing to offer my 'sage' advice about watching them. I didn't think much of either, until I figured out how to go FULL-SCREEN, now you are really living!

For a silly-funny-one look up "Mean Kitty" it is a riot!

I am hoping those important decisions are about your development project. "Go Green!" No, all kidding aside, they are doing such a fabulous job on ours, I am truely impressed. Cobblestone walk ways, and each bridge has a fence made out of wood & stone and cast iron cut outs of Dear & Elk, and Trees, really neat. I'll take some snap-shots of it for you.

I can't wait until they open, the Store Mid-November, the rest who knows.