Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Online Alert

My bank sent me an email that I received at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday.

The message was " You have 1 message(s) waiting." There was a lot of other stuff in the email about how it was confidential and and private and not to respond to it and so on. But that one little line was the message.

Sometime Sunday morning I got around to reading the message. I understood it. There was a message for me on the bank's website under my account login.

I don't get many messages from my bank so I was pretty interested in this one. So I surfed over to the site. But the login page had a message that the site was down for maintenance. I wondered if that was the message.

I tried again a few times on Sunday but the maintenance notice was present.

Finally on Monday I was able to log on and checked my message first thing.

Sure enough it was that the site was going to be undergoing maintenance on Sunday.

You just have to love the new Internet age.

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rilera said...

Technology, ain't it grand?