Monday, June 16, 2008

Preparing for Travel

I flew last in December, 1998, nearly 3 years before 9/11/2001.

Things have changed quite a bit.

I am only going for one night though. And I actually flew frequently until my caregiving career began. Mostly my trips were short business trips and I became a bit obsessive about traveling light.

In fact I still have my little carry-on bag that I used all those years. It is a little Delsey soft-side. It has a little tear in it but I hunted and couldn't find anything I liked better. And I really didn't want to spend the money for a new one. The one I have opens flat on the bed. Let's me pack stuff more easily. I prefer soft sided bags for carry on and I don't like the ones with wheels because they weigh too much. I take the shoulder strap off my Delsey too when I'm not carrying anything else.

I checked the TSA web site for advice on what to bring and what to expect. I've been carrying toiletries in baggies for a long time. Learned that once when something I had leaked all over everything. I also put my change in a bag, too. I thought I might need to buy some stuff but they let you carry 3 oz sizes and that's pretty much what I have.

I used to have the cleaners fold my shirts so I asked my new cleaners to fold me a couple for this trip. I like to take an extra shirt so I'll take two with me.

No need for me to take my laptop on this trip but I will take my Kindle and read on the flight or at least I think I will.

Lots of work to do before I can leave though so have a busy Monday and Tuesday.

I think I'll pack my digital camera, too.


~Betsy said...

My girls have had their cosmetics thrown away by the security folks. They were pretty upset but a rule is a rule!

Have a great trip, Terry.

Nancy said...

have a great trip Terry!