Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vice President Predictions

I know it isn't quite official but it certainly appears that we now know the candidates for President of the United States.

But who will be the Vice-President candidates?

I think there is a good chance that Bill Richardson will be the Democrat candidate.

For one thing he ran for President so he is arguably qualified to be President and he should be vetted to some extent at least. In addition he is Governor of New Mexico and has extensive foreign relation as well as other government experience. He is Hispanic and maybe can help pull some of that demographic. He's 60 (my age) so that makes him a little older than Obama but still relatively young. (Biden for instance is 5 years older.)
Republican - going way out on a limb here - Joe Lieberman.
I know it is a little nutty. But the thing is that if McCain has a chance of winning at all, given the unpopularity of Republicans; then, he must pull votes out of the middle of both parties and the non-affiliated. For that group I think Lieberman is a very good choice. Also, Lieberman was Al Gore's running mate so he should also be qualified and vetted. He and McCain are allies and friends and get along well. He is imminently qualified.

Yes, the R's are going to go nuts. But Lieberman is already invited to the convention and I think is going to speak. He is an Independent now.
So there it is for everyone to read and remember and a short few weeks from now we can all come back here and say "No prophet here!"

However, I do want to point out that back on February 7, 2008 I guessed McCain. In that same post I wrote '... doesn't "feel" like there will be another Clinton presidency.' So far I haven't embarrassed myself too much.


SKYGIRL said...

Hi Flinty! Just wanted to pop in, and tell you "My Job Is Done Here" for now, anyway! Now I am off to see my Mamma! I just booked my ticket & my car today.

My Mom & Tom are BIG Obama supporters, so that has made it fun. I am anxious to see what "Hiilary" has to ay tomorrow morning, even more than seeing if "Big Brown" wins "The Triple Crown!"

I must be getting old!

N.Mc. ;-)

rilera said...

Interesting predictions about VP. My nephew thinks Bill Richardson too. We'll see soon enough.

nancy said...

interesting terry. i think joe lieberman would turn too many truly conservatives over the edge but then again, what would they do, not vote? because surely they wouldn't vote for obama. it will be interesting to see how it all turns out.