Friday, July 11, 2008

Planning and Zoning

My brother was waiting in his car in the parking lot when I drove in just a few seconds behind my son.

We are moving at the pace of a glacier (I understand they move slowly) towards the closing for our land sale to our Target developer. The process is over one year old now. There are steps that are required and one of them is to rezone from agricultural to commercial. And that event itself has many steps of which one important one is gaining the approval of the planning and zoning commission.

The application was filed a few weeks ago and nearby property owners, of which there are rather few, were notified. A sign was posted and ads placed in the papers so others might be made aware.

The City staff reviewed the application and recommended approval and it was placed on the docket for the public meeting at the city hall.

The developer representative and the engineer flew up from Dallas to meet us there. They were a little late but showed up just in time. The application shows it is filed in my son's name.

You never know if there is going to be opposition or not. In some places there is always opposition to anything and everything. But here in our area we haven't faced much because we have a large piece of land and everything we've done so far has been more than welcomed. But you never know.

There was a fairly large crowd and the "packet" for the meeting was 47 pages long and contained a number of other applications. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and the first item was offered for consideration. It was a final plat for some land just a little more than 1/2 mile from us and was going to be a little office park. It passed with no opposition.

Then our application was presented by Ms. Elizabeth Jones who is director of community development for the City of Moore. Then Mr. Stedman, the chairman, asked if a representative were present and our engineer stood and walked to the podium. There were a few questions from one member about how we were going to buffer some land on the west side against an apartment complex and about how detention of run off water would be collected and distributed. Then Mr. Stedman asked if anyone in the audience wanted to address the issue and no one did. So they voted and we passed.

Then we all left the chambers and talked for a few minutes.

One more step taken, several more to go.


Lori1955 said...

Well this may be moving at a snails pace but at least it is moving forward. That's a blessing in todays economy. Congratulations. Hope the next steps move a bit faster for you.

~Betsy said...

Dave has been called in as the engineer on many of these same occasions. Around here, folks don't want ANY change - nothing. So he is accustomed to fielding questions left and right. Sometimes the biggest objection is the blasting involved; sometimes people just don't want the developing in "my backyard". Glad to see you got over this hurdle with little problem.