Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stonehenge of Moore

The hay was cut today. "Today" is July 7th by the way. This will be posted on July 10th thanks to the wonders of Google's Blogger program and the Internet. But I'm writing on Monday afternoon in a few minutes of free time. So today isn't really today.

Mostly the hay was baled (originally I had haled was bayed) while we were at lunch although they had already cut and raked the pasture. We have 160 acres here except for the area where the house is. That isn't much land anymore as it relates to farming at least. It's quite a bit if you are trying to do something yourself, by hand.

When I was a kid it would have taken us a week or two to cut and rake and then bail that much hay. That wouldn't have gotten it stacked in the barn either. That took a while with a couple of high school kids and our old 3/4 ton truck. The equipment we used then was about like toys compared to the equipment in use today. We didn't have a tractor that would have lifted one of those big bales. The guys that farm for us all have other jobs and still do about 3,000 acres of land like ours - just bits and pieces here and there. They claim it is for money but I think there's more to it than that.

Those big bales strewn around the pasture like that remind me of Stonehenge. I'm not sure exactly why they remind me of Stonehenge. Something to do with the size of the bales and the roundness may have something to do with the feeling.

In a way it is strange that something made possible only by new technology reminds me of something so ancient.

By the way those crystal skulls that I blogged about a while back have been proven to be fakes. Not that anyone is counting fakes with it being political season and all. The Mayan's might still be right of course about the end of the world. That wasn't proven to be fake.

Starbucks is closing 12 stores in our area. We have 29 stand alone stores so that will leave us 17. I can probably get by with that many. Although I have been going over twice some days since I tried the blended lemonade drink and it has been really hot in the afternoons. I've violated my rule about just having coffee every other day so soon I will pay a price when I decide to break my addiction again.

Seaking of which, addiction that is, we have a big drug bust in town. It was synthetic steroids of some kind.


Lori1955 said...

I just don't see how you are going to get by with only 17 Starbucks. It will be a challenge. :)

~Betsy said...

LOL Lori!

I love those big round bales, too. I always thought they looked like grazing bison or something.

One year, Nikki and a bunch of her friends were playing in a field shortly after the hay was bailed. They pushed on one of the bales and it rolling away. It picked up speed and it took off - rolled all the way down a hill and flattened a fence. The kids didn't enjoy rebuilding that fence, but I think it taught them a valuable lesson. :)