Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthdays - I am Six-OH

I posted last year on my birthday. I read that post just now. It contained a blurb about my previous birthday, too.

My daughter and her family gave me the nice gift bag in the image. My grandkids handcrafted that card for me. Pretty cool don't you think! (It was an Under Armour tee shirt in that bag by the way - also pretty cool - although I wish my physique was like the Under Armour models.)

This is one of the OH birthdays. I don't know if One-OH should count or not in the list. Maybe even Two-OH should be omitted because I've never heard anyone say the big Two-OH. But the others definitely remain on my list: Three-OH, Four-OH, Five-OH, Six-OH, Seven-OH, Eight-OH, Nine-OH. I think at one hundred you start on a new list as well you should, too.

Assuming my list of 7 is correct and it is, after all, my blog; then, I am exactly at the half-way mark on my list. According to one actuarial table I checked I have a 50% chance of enjoying two more OH's and a 25% chance of three more. So maybe I am a little farther down the road than the half-way marker after all.

My son and his family gave me an Amazon gift certificate. He wanted to buy me books for my Kindle but couldn't do that even after talking to someone at Amazon. But a gift certificate is a good thing!!

I can really use both my gifts. I needed a new exercise shirt and this Under Armour one is perfect. The $50 Amazon certificate will be good for 5 more Kindle books so that's excellent since I've been reading like crazy lately.

Plans are kind of minimal so far. I'm writing this the evening before. I intend to exercise early and then go to church. Judy and I will make scrambled eggs for lunch - one of my favorite things. We might do something later but right now a nice, relaxing day sounds pretty good to me. After all I'll be Six-OH.

I'll update this post after my birthday - maybe.


Lori1955 said...

Happy Birthday Terry. I hope it is a wonderful one. It's funny how as we get older our idea of what a good birthday is changes. When we were younger, we wanted excitment on our birthday's. Now we just want to relax. LOL.

Cinnamin said...

Happy Birthday Terry!

~Betsy said...

Happy Birthday! Six-OH isn't what it used to be - after all, if life begins at four-OH, then you are only twenty-OH! :)

SKYGIRL said...

"Happy Belated Birthday" Flinty! I like the 'new' look of your Blog. Perfect with the dreamy porch, at the top! Good work!

N.Mc. ;-)

nancy said...

happy birthday terry! hope you had a wonderful day. bob and i love scrambled eggs too!

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

Happy belated birthday Terry...hope it was wonderful and everything you wanted it to be. Scrambled eggs rock!