Thursday, May 22, 2008

End Of World

I watched this "documentary" the other night on SCIFI (I think - I flip a lot).

It was about these Mayan crystal skulls. The image is one I found at the Wikipedia article.

Undoubtedly this is popular now because of the 4th Indiana Jones movie that is due to be released May 22nd which is today and rather convenient for my blogging. The debut, or one of them I guess, is being held here in Oklahoma City to benefit a local charity.

Supposedly the Mayans had 13 skulls similar to the one in the image (which lives at the British Museum) and they are all carved out of crystal of one kind or another. As you might imagine there is considerable controversy over whether or not any of this is true.

Apparently the Mayans (and I don't really know any so this is what I gleaned from the program - and I flip a lot) believed that this "cycle" of the world was going to end on December 21, 2012. Although it is not known why precisely there is speculation that on that date there is some alignment of Earth and the rest of the universe that only happens ever 33,000+ years or some such. That alignment may cause the Earth's magnetic field to switch polarity and the speculation is that this causes a lot of bad stuff including the end of the world.

But wait! If all 13 skulls are brought together then the world doesn't have to end.

My son tried to get tickets to see Indy here at our new local theater, Warren Theaters. This is a fantastic theater in the old style of motion picture palaces. I haven't had the pleasure of viewing a movie there yet but I have eaten lunch in the diner and that was great just in itself. I had a malt and the server brought over both the parfait glass and the stainless tumbler. Reminded me of the first time I ever had a malt at a drug store of yesteryear.

Hopefully I'll get to see something there soon and I'll blog about it when I do. The theater has these "adult" balconies that are expensive but very cozy. The chairs are kind of like love seat size and are grouped around these little tables and you have an electronic button deal to summon your waiter. Mixing alcohol and movies and food seems to be a pretty good combination around here. If they could add in gambling of some kind it would really do well I suppose as is apparent by the success of our many Native American casinos.

I am certain there will be end of world parties and a lot more information about the upcoming event as we come closer to the date.

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