Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memories for Later

When I was a child I would, on occasion, have something happen that I would tell myself I was going to make a point to remember later when I was an adult. Usually it was something that was particularly disappointing and I would say to myself "I am going to remember this when I'm grown so I will know how my kids feel."

I remember doing this but I just don't remember what those occasions were. I don't know that it helped me be more sympathetic with my kids either.

I continued doing this as I grew older but the circumstances changed and there occasions were not as frequent. There were even a few times during my caregiving for my dad that I wanted to remember something for later.

Sunday I was watching something on TV and this commercial came on. I have no idea what was being advertised. But in the commercial there was this mother and a young child. The child was asleep on the mother's chest.

There was something about how the child's hand rested on the mother's chest that made me double take the scene.

And then I remembered.

It was one of those things that I told myself I wanted to remember for later. I may have done it twice but I don't remember that. It may have been both my children or it may have been just one. I don't remember that.

But I do remember this time when my precious little baby was asleep on my chest and his (or maybe her) hands were clasped around my neck. I could smell the shampoo and the powder and feel the softness of the skin against my own. I could feel the faint whisper of breath against my cheek.

I remember thinking that this was a moment that I wanted to cherish and remember forever.

And I did.


~Betsy said...

Beautiful - simply beautiful.

nancy said...

i too can remember the smell of my boys sleeping on my chest as well. i agree, beautiful.