Monday, May 5, 2008

Embrace the Suck

Embrace the Suck and More Military Speak by Austin Bay.

Bay, a retired Colonel in the Army Reserve, wrote this little handbook in 2007. Embrace the suck is "warrior slang" meaning "...Face it, soldier. I've been there. This ain't easy. Now let's deal with it" according to an excerpt.

I would have provided a link to this on Amazon except that it isn't available. I would have bought it even - well - maybe not.

At any rate I liked the title a lot.

It pretty much sums up my caregiving experience, too. It also pretty much sums up life in general I think.

There were several other sayings I liked. One was "Semper I" which is a corruption of the Marine's "Semper Fi" motto. Semper I means a Marine out for himself and not helping his comrades.

Again I thought about how some of us caregivers could relate to that.

To all of those who have commented and emailed please accept my apology for being so long absent. I really appreciate all of you so very much. Things are going pretty well.


Lori1955 said...

OH I love that "embrace the suck". What a perfect expression. I read somewhere recently that we don't have problems but rather opportunities to put more trust in God. I'm still chewing on that one. I think for now I'll stick with "embrace the suck".

Glad to see you posting again. Please never forget that we are your family too.

rilera said...

I like that title too!I think many of us can relate. Thanks for sharing it Terry!

~Betsy said...

Semper I - love it!

Glad you're back.

nancy said...

can't decide which i like better, semper I or embrace the suck, both are great. thanks for sharing and glad to see you post again. you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.