Monday, May 19, 2008


I have wondered before and still do to this day about the grouping of the deaths of our little caregroup's loved ones.

I made up that word, caregroup. I rather like it. But I searched on it and find a 163,000 hits so I guess it occurred to a few others besides.

There are two periods I remember each month. I don't dwell on it and I don't know that I remember it each month at exactly the same time. I don't memorialize it or anything like that. I usually don't even say anything about it to anyone unless it is brought up first to me by someone else. That is becoming less frequent. Except in blogging I think I've talked about it.

The first period begins on the 14th and ends on the 21st. It is so convenient that this period is in 7's. So it begins after 2 sevens and lasts one. I find that so very convenient. We have one death on the 14th and then one on the 15th and two on the 17th. Then we skip over to the 20th and follow up on the 21st. I've wondered that it was only 6 because 7 seems more right.

Then "we" have another period that begins on the 27th and ends on the 2nd. For some reason I always think of those two together rather than putting them with the others. .

But "our caregroup" is larger than just the few of us who have lost our loved ones. So we collectively have many more dates of loss if all were known.


~Betsy said...

I find the groupings almost surreal. I feel the hand of God in our caregroup.

Lori1955 said...

It is odd this grouping. Of course Sept 17 through the 21st will always in my mind be the week from Hell.

nancy said...

in just a few short minutes, it will be the 21st. just wanted you to know i am thinking of you. (((hugs)))