Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day from Omaha

Happy Mother's day to all my friends who are mothers.

We are celebrating today with a big lunch at P F Chang's. I've only been to a Chang's once before and that was in Tulsa as I remember.

It turned really cold and windy here last night. I made about a mile this morning on my walk before my hands and ears turned too cold. Decided blogging might be a warmer exercise if not quite as healthy for my heart. Although blogging does wonders for my heart, too, albeit in a different way.

Last evening we attended this 3 hour plus performance of show choirs at my granddaughter's school. There was an admission charge of $8 per person and the entire auditorium was packed to overflow. We watched 4 show choirs I think and then a bunch of individual performances in between.

My granddaughter was in the first show choir. The last one was called the Amazing Technicolor Show Choir. There is a web site for the show choirs.

I really had not heard of show choirs until I learned about my granddaughter's participation. It is quite fascinating to find this in Omaha for some reason I think.

It reminds me of the old "Fame" television series in a way. The performances are nothing short of amazing to me in terms of quality of performance. That only comes about by virtue of a lot of practice and dedication on the part of both the performers and the leaders. And the parents' support as indicated by the sold out crowd at $8 per head.

The songs were all extremely interesting to me and a good many were things I had not heard and found immensely entertaining and sometimes thought provoking.

One I enjoyed especially and that reminded me of caregivers is a song titled "Someone to Fall Back On" which apparently is performed by artist, Jason Robert Brown. The lyrics, I think, are by David Burnham. Here they are:

I'll never be
A knight in armor
With a sword in hand
Or a kamikazee fighter
Don't count on me
To storm the barricade
Or take a stand
Or hold my ground
You'll never see
Any scars or wounds
I won't walk on clouds
I won't walk on water

I am no prince
I am no saint
I am not anyone's wildest dream
But i can stand behind
And be someone to fall back on

Some comedy
You're bruised
And beaten down
And i'm the one
Who's lookin for a favor
Still honestly
You won't believe me
But the things
I have
Are the things you need
You look at me
Like i don't make sense
Like a waste of time
Like it serves no purpose

I am no prince
I am no saint
And if that's
What you believe you need
You're wrong
You don't need much
You need someone
To fall back on

And i'll be that
I'll take your side
If i'm the only one
I'm used to that
I've been around
I'd rather be
The half of us
The least of you
The best of me

And i'll be your prince
I'll be your saint
I will go marching through
Fences in your name
I will i swear
Someone to fall back on

We had a great time.


¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

I used to love to see the high school theatre shows. I was also in many of them growing up. Loved every moment. It's a great experience and one that is not soon forgotten.

Take care, Flinty and Happy Mother's Day!

Lori1955 said...

Reading those lyrics, all I can say is WOW.

nancy said...

it brought tears to my eyes reading this. thanks terry! happy mother's day to judy.