Sunday, May 18, 2008


Not my best view really.
Dial-a-bully and Bucky.
Judy's Jett and Mama Horse.
Judy and me.


nancy said...

beautiful picture of you and judy. you make a lovely couple. thanks for sharing.

rilera said...

Thanks for sharing pictures Terry! You look like a happy couple. I love the horses too!

Susan M said...

Hey you look terrific! Same age as my husband and I think he looks terrific too!

You and Judy are so special. Thanks for your blog and sharing with us "not so open" folks. I admire your honesty in your writings, and hey, after the caregiving is over we are all searching for that new place. The one were everything makes sense again. Slowly we will all get there.

~Betsy said...

Great pictures, Terry! Your Judy is lovely!