Saturday, May 10, 2008


Omaha is a really nice city. It seems bigger to me than it is. It is pretty easily navigated although I can get lost more easily than most people. My car navigation system helps me a lot but my wife is even better.

We were awfully tired after our 9 hour trip. We checked in at the hotel first and then drove over to see our family. We slept in a long time Friday morning. I got up earlier and jogged around the hotel parking lot. It's 1/4 mile and I think I made about 5 or 6 laps. I would have done more I guess but I have this pain in my side.

I drove over to Starbucks and got a grande black coffee with a shot. I was thinking about coffee and kind of tasting a mixture of lemon and coffee beforehand.

We had a nice visit to a Whole Foods not too far from the hotel. Nice visit as in spending $100+. But I do love to prowl around those stores. We don't have one in Oklahoma City and maybe that's a good thing.

We had a really nice visit then with Judy's daughter's family and finally made it back to the hotel about 10:15 or so.

I'm on my way out to jog around the parking lot.

They have some of the most gorgeous trees and shrubs around here and zero wind for our trip. The temperature is about mid 60's for highs but very pleasant. Rained last two nights and more for next two days is predicted.

We're supposed to see granddaughter perform in a choir this evening and a mother's day lunch tomorrow.

I'll try to get some more pictures today.

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