Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ex-Caregiver Applies For Loan

My telephone call with a mortgage banker:

Banker: Let me get your sales contract.
Flinty: Ok, great.
Banker: Wow, that's a great price!
Flinty: We think it is a great price, too.
Banker: You want a 15 year mortgage right?
Flinty: Yes. I'm nearly 60 so I thought 30 years might be
overly optimistic.
Banker: Well, rates have fallen so I think we can get you
in at 5.625%.
Flinty: That's amazing. That's what I was paying 40 years
Banker: I can start the application and then you can come
by and sign it.
Flinty: That's wonderful.
Banker: What's your current address?
Flinty: Well, that's kind of complicated. But my official
address is still at my dad's house.
Banker: How long have you lived there?
Flinty: 9 years.
Banker: Do you own that property?
Flinty: No, it was my dad's.
Banker: Do you own another home?
Flinty: No.
Banker: Employer name?
Flinty: told her
Banker: How long have you worked there?
Flinty: Well, I just started this year.
Banker: Where did you work previously?
Flinty: I helped my dad.
Banker: What was your base salary?
Flinty: I didn't have a salary.
Banker: What is your present base salary?
Flinty: Well, I'm going to make more next year.
Banker: Hmmmm.
I'm going to see them tomorrow.

This is me down on the floor coloring on Thanksgiving day. Judy's niece's daughter was down there with me for a while. She's about two. I think she lost interest and left me to complete our project. Maybe I will take this to the meeting with the mortgage banker.

This is a photograph of rather marvelous weed that I took after our first freeze of the year. It was an ugly weed but it was just out there all by itself and so tall. It wasn't old. I noticed when it came up - at least after it achieved a certain height.

I thought seriously about running over it with my car but that seemed wrong somehow. I guess I could have stopped and pulled it up but that seemed a little too much effort.

But it didn't fare too well from the freeze.

Still one has to admire the tenacity of life, even in a weed.

I don't think it knows it is a weed though. I think more likely it considers itself handsome and other stuff to be undesirables.

No point to this - just something that struck me.


Lori1955 said...

Love your conversation with the bank. I pay for everthing with cash just because I know I would never get a loan. Job, none. Income, my savings. I'm sure the bank would just jump at the chance to give me a loan. LOL And oh yes, take your coloring project to the bank. :)

~Betsy said...

Oh gosh, Terry. I never even thought about 9 years as an unpaid caregiver being a deterrent for a loan. Yikes. I hope and pray for a good outcome for ya'.

I love the weed photo. It reminds me a bit of us caregivers when we were in the thick of the journey. We didn't look great, but we sure stood proud.

Good luck today at the bank. Fingers crossed!

Annie said...

Ack! That's not a burdock is it?

Good luck with the loan today.

nancy said...

how true that we as caregivers give so much up to do our job.

loved betsy's analogy about the weed!

good luck with the loan, please give us an update of that conversation as well, especially if you take your picture with you! LOL

flintysooner said...

I don't know what kind of weed it is but I've never heard them called burdock. I did read an interesting article about burdock though on Wiki and it seems as though the fellow, George de Mestral, who invented velcro was inspired by burdock. I thought that was kind of cool.

Having stick-to-it-iveness is a pretty good characteristic of carergivers and burdocks!

steflovesnonna said...

I think that photo of you is brilliant. I would color with you! I also wish you luck at the bank. I hate those people they always see to reduce people to a bunch of numbers. When I got my first credit card a year ago I felt pretty awful when they told me I could only have a limit of 400 dollars. I guess there is a price to pay for being an unemployed student just like there is a price to pay for being a caregiver. There should not be, but there is. I really hope it works out for you Terry. *hugs*

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Terry, I loved the conversation with the bank and got an extra chuckle when you thought of taking your coloring to the meeting. ROFL

Betsy's analogy of the weed is perfect! I only hope I'm still standing that strong after the frost.

SKYGIRL said...

Terry, you really quack me up!

Yes, you should take that photo to the Bank, and just after showing it to them (for a good laugh) tell them that you are soon to be the proud owner of a Multi-Million-Dollar Development!

That "Starbucks" rents from You, and if they are not nice, you will buy their lot up, right out from under them, humph!

Time to pretend to me the Angry-Slum-Lord, you can do it! You can 'Act' can't you? LOL!

This is no time to be 'Humble' my friend!