Friday, November 30, 2007

Unintended Consequences

I love these unintended consequences stories.

My son sent me one the other day.

Emory building draped in black to save birds
Many crash into environmentally friendly design with soaring glass windows

Basically the story is about a building on the campus of Emory University. It was built specifically to "go green." It's the math and science center building and this is an image of it. The reflected forest is easily visible.

The unintended consequence is that the glass confuses birds by making them think the forest reflected by the glass is in front of them when it really is behind them. Then, confused, they smash into the glass with fatal consequences. Apparently 60 birds were killed the first year.

Caregivers know about unintended consequences.

Personal Update:
You just can't qualify for a mortgage with no income history. There are rules about this kind of thing. Especially now. But my banker lady came to my rescue. She tells me she has everything handled at the bank and has ordered the appraisal and will have money at the closing. Next big hurdle is the inspection which will occur on Monday.

Today is my stress test.

We're having company this next week, too. My stepdaughter arrives Saturday. We're very excited.

And I may have an opportunity to meet someone of the cornbread persuasion this next week if all works out.


nancy said...

we have a lot of glass in the lower level of our house and many birds have met their untimely death as well. it's a double edged sword because it is where russ lived the last 5 months of his life and how he enjoyed looking outside into the backyard to watch the birds and other animals.

i'm so glad to hear it looks like the loan will be approved after all. i guess it does matter "who you know" sometimes - this time for a good cause. congrats!

SKYGIRL said...

I am glad your loan is working it's way out. It seems like they enjoy saying "NO!"

I was trying to by my new Jeep (a Suzuki Samari, that I had for 18years!) in 1989. It was the first year they were made, and it was only $8,000.00 brand new. They did not like the looks of my qualifications, one bit (or lack there of) Until I told them "Hey I could pay cash for this thing twice over, I just dont choose to?" (and I could!) The next thing I knew I was going home, with a new car, a set of keys, and a very cheap bottle of Champagne?

Good luck on your stress test. I would fail miserably! Already know, no test needed here! LOL!

Say hi, to the Cornbread pursuasion person! LOL!

Annie said...

Three cheers for the banker lady!

Lori1955 said...

I'm so glad the loan is going to work out. When I got the loan for this house I had already given notice at my job. Fortunately my friends at work were willing to lie for me. :)

Please let us know how the stress test goes.

dave said...

It does matter who you know, upstairs and down!

dave said...

It does matter who you know, upstairs and down!

dave said...

It does matter who you know, upstairs and down!