Monday, November 12, 2007

Interesting People

One thing about my new life is that I get to meet more people. Most of them are so interesting.

The other day I met a lady who was looking for a location for her retail operation in our market and was seriously considering our site. She came by both to learn a little about us and let us learn something about her.

I thought to myself when I first saw her that she was a runner. It wasn't long before my hunch was proven correct. She's a marathoner. She had to be at least in her late 40's but she could easily have passed for mid 30's.

A marathon is 26 miles plus! The longest I've ever continuously run (well, jogged) is 3 miles.

But what really impressed me was that she had begun this particular business about 20 years earlier by acquiring three stores from another owner. I asked her if she had experience in this particular industry and she replied that she had not. Her degree is in accounting and finance she said and when she could she hunted around for a business that she could own and run.

Now she has 100 locations!!

But the most important thing from my perspective as a potential landlord is that she still has the original 3 stores she started with and they are still in the same place.

Interesting people.


dave said...

wow. interesting indeed.

Lori1955 said...

Gee, I'm impressed that she is a runner at her age. The best I can say is that I have run from one end of my house to the other when Helen used to yell for me. LOL

It's strange but I find it almost comforting that she still owns the original stores. That somehow makes me feel good about her. Hmmm

nancy said...

that is an impressive story. i have to agree with lori, running has never been a forte for me. i'm impressed that you run 3 miles. good work!

Katmir said...

your stories-- your truths-- THANK YOU.

i'm glad you're still on your path.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Indeed an interesting person, Terry. I'm quite impressed that she still owns three of her original stores and that she runs marathons. I found it difficult to crawl on the floor with my granddaughter yesterday. LOL I think running has been out for me for quite some time.

~Betsy said...

Running 26 miles? Eghads - I don't even like to drive 26 miles! Just kidding, but wow she really is an inspiration. How fun for you to meet so many interesting folks.

steflovesnonna said...

yeah... interesting... humm...

Chris said...

I used to run like the wind when I was young. Couldn't get me to walk anywhere. Then I found cigarettes. I really need to quit and will somehow find the strength to do so soon. I admire those who try totake care of themselves. My dad was a stickler about that, even at 84 years young.

SKYGIRL said...

Hey Flinty! Welcome to your new World! "Rosauers" is now open, and I have been meaning to take some pics. Maybe I think I would get some 'long' looks by people (why is she taking pic's of a Grocery Store?) Anyway, I have much empathy for the Management, and Employees~It is NUTS in there!

Thank your God, you are just going to be the Landlord! It is 60,000 sq. ft? Seems impossible, doesn't it? But anyway, it is really the Contractors that are impressive, and this is just the first 'anchor' Store, along with a Brick Bank, with an old fashioned Clock, in the project.

I may treat myself to a Digital Camera @ Costco for a Combo Thanksgiving/Christmas present?

How are my 'justification' talents doing? LOL! They have an Olympus, on sale for $149.00? Seems like a good starter camera for me too!

Yes, impressive indeed! The new store is exactly .4 miles away (less than 1/2 mile) and I say I could walk. I could, but I probably wont! Shame on me!