Monday, November 19, 2007

House Hunting

We have an appointment today with a Realtor to tour a home.

House hunting is considerably different now than the last time I did it. We ran our own MLS searches and narrowed to an area of town. Then we narrowed the list of possible homes. Then we took the on line home tours for each property. I even could have gotten a fixed rate mortgage locked in over the Internet. I didn't but I could have. I also looked up the address of the property to see if any liens had ever been filed and found the ownership information. Searched again to find out about the owner.

The last time I searched for a home there was no Internet capability at all.

Brave new world.

Personal Effects


cornbread hell said...

wow, that's a whole lot o' watches!

i don't have one of my own, but i have 2 of my dad's and 2 of daughter's from when she was a little girl.(a barbie and a minnie mouse.) i used to have my grandfather's silver pocket watch, but it was stolen.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

Terry, it sounds like you've decided to look for a different house rather than stay in your dad's or Judy's. Wow, the housing market sure has changed, hasn't it?! Hope you find something you like.

Nice collection of watches.

~Betsy said...

Good luck on the house hunting. It's fun to tour them virtually first. Maybe it is even more efficient.

You certainly do have a lot of watches. You mentioned your son wanted one of the Pulsars, but I know from experience that Seiko makes a great watch. :)

Lori1955 said...

Oh, I love house hunting. It's the moving that's terrible. They need to come up with an easier way to do that.

Chris said...

Yeah, the moving part stinks. But when that last box is moved and unpacked, oh what a feeling!

nancy said...

good luck with your house hunting terry!