Friday, December 7, 2007

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941.
Pearl Harbor.
66 years ago.

Among those killed from action that day were 429 saliors and marines serving aboard the USS Oklahoma. It was moored on Battleship Row next to the Maryland. Three torpedoes hit the Oklahoma early in the battle. Many of the crew continued to fight by moving over to the deck of the Maryland. Many were trapped below decks when the Oklahoma sank. A civilian, Julio DeCastro, organized a relief effort and saved 32 men.

There was no memorial for the Oklahoma. But earlier this year I attended a fund raiser event for a memorial to be built to honor those who served on the Oklahoma and who gave their lives. The remaining survivors were there at that event. Anyone who wanted could go down and shake their hands.

The memorial was dedicated today.

I hope to go there and see it someday.

I made it back from my trip but haven't had time to write anything yet. It was a really interesting trip and extremely productive. I will blog about it when I can.


Annie said...

Glad you're back safely!

Annie said...
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Cinnamin said...

Flinty, thank you for this reminder!

My husband's grandfather served part of his time on the Arizona. I've been to the memorial in Hawaii. AWESOME, JUST AWESOME, such a feeling there. Total respect from all who were there - That in itself was nice. There seems to be so little respect for those who serve our country, for those who have given their lives for our freedom. Freedom is certainly not free!

I too would be interested to visit the memorial for the Oklahoma!

Another completely breathtaking visit was Arlington Cemetery. Sacred ground were the words playing in my mind as we took the tour here.
A friend recently sent me an email
"Arlington at Christmas", definitely something to see.

Thank you again, my friend, for remembering and for reminding!

~Betsy said...

I can't imagine the fear running through the veins of the American public on that day. Mom remembered it was horrific - the information wasn't as forthcoming as it was on 9/11 so I can only imagine.

I'd love to see any of these memorials. I'm glad you were involved in the Oklahoma one. I look forward to your post about your adventure.

nancy said...

thank you for reminding us all to remember.

glad you are home safely.

*(¯`·¸*Chris*¸·´¯)* said...

We went to the memorial at Pearl Harbor when my brother was stationed there in the early "70's in the Navy. My dad and I both put our hands on those names and cried. It totally moved me. It was also the first time I had ever seen my dad cry. The memrial needs to be repaired terribly and I hope they can find the funds to do it. It is gradually sinking, from what I have read on the website.

Glad you are home ok as well. Hey, do you want that wrist BP cuff? Ihave it at Dad's and will send it to you. I sent you an email at your Yahoo email but didn'thear back. Drop me a line on my blog.

steflovesnonna said...

Thanks for posting about this. It's easy for me to forget about this awful day in history because it happened before me, but I don't want to ever forget about it. Thanks friend.

rilera said...
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rilera said...

Flinty, thanks for the reminder. I remember my mom talking about that day. She said she asked my grandfather if we were going to get bombed (she was 9 at the time). Cinn is right, our troops do not get nearly enough recognition for their brave duty to our country.