Thursday, October 9, 2008


We all make them every day.

There's a saying that "hindsight is 20/20" that is usually stated after some choice has turned out not so well or it becomes apparent that another choice would have been much better. It means that if we had known everything we know now back when we made the choice we would have made another one -- a better one.

Maybe that's true sometimes but I think it is not always true. I also notice that the time that's passed when looking back makes a difference.

I don't want to use a real example so I'll make one up. Let's say we bought some Target stock on December 31, 2007. The price was about $50 per share then.

Then at the end of January we took a look at our investment and we would have noticed a price of about $55 per share. We would have patted ourselves on our backs.

If we looked at it October 6th about 2:45 pm though the price was down to $38. We would have not been nearly so happy. If we looked again at 4 pm it was $42.

There are decisions I've made in the past that I sometimes revisit in my mind. Sometimes I think I could have made a different choice. Then I try to trace that different choice from then to now. A lot of times it is just too complex to figure out. Sometimes though I can easily see that new choice would have been better or worse. But then I think I still don't now how it will turn out in the more distant future.

But I don't spend too much time worrying about past decisions. Because there's no way to change the past.

Sometimes it is just that the choices are not very good ones.


Lori1955 said...

The choices I have made in my life, whether good or bad have shaped my life to what it is and who I am today. Surprisingly with all the bad choices I have made, I have few regrets.

The only regrets I have are the choices that have hurt other people. I don't mind paying the price for my choices but others shouldn't have to.

~Betsy said...

I'm with Lori - the choices I have made are what has made me who I am today. Some were brilliant, others not so much. The mark of a wise person is when they learn from their not-so-brilliant choices!

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

Ditto to what the others have said. I will be faced with choices soon that I hope I make the correct ones and not screw it up. I just have to rely on what I have learned and have faith in myself that I am smart and capable and can reason things out before signing on the dotted line, sotospeak.

Joanne said...

Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. Add a few dozen more dittos and it still won't come close to the number of not-so-good choices I've made in life. Each choice, good or bad, shaped me into who I am today. Good or bad, I'm just me, loving all of you! Nice post, Terry.