Friday, October 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Another blogger I read mentioned this the other day. She posted only a single photo on that Wednesday as her blog post for the day in honor of Wordless Wednesday she said and I quote not.

So I had to look up Wordless Wednesday. Turns out to be a blog.

It has a heck of a lot of words for something with wordless in the title. I "think" you're supposed to only comment with a single link. Also a "heck" of a lot of blogs that have posted about Wordless Wednesday. The Internet is an amazing thing. I almost typed "place" but stopped myself because it obviously is not a place.

This "wordless" concept is interesting and Wednesday does make it a nice alliteration if one likes alliterations that is. I guess if I did something like this I would just post a photo. I was thinking about having just a photo post once in a while. No explanation - just a photo - except maybe a title I guess - because I don't like empty fields.

There's a cool idea "empty fields" - wonder if there is one? Sure enough: - but under construction it says. But the singular is already built.

So next Wednesday I'm starting a wordless post.

We'll see how long I can do it.

I've already posted more stuff than I ever thought possible. This will be stretching my blogging.

(I watched a deal about Tom Hanks on BIO last night and was kind of laughing to myself about how actors are always talking about stretching themselves by playing different parts and so on. And I like Tom Hanks so don't send me nasty comments.)


Lori1955 said...

Wordless? Hmmm. Should be interesting but I have to say that I always love reading your take on things. I can't imagine you being able to do it.

dave said...

The idea of being wordless is fascinating in theory. Some of us would have trouble I guess, though.