Thursday, October 16, 2008

Perseverance - Until the Whistle Blows

The other day my daughter emailed a devotion piece she had read by a lady named Glynnis Whitwer. The title was Until the Whistle Blows and it appears in full on her web site.

The subject of the devotion is prayer, specifically the verse where Jesus says we should pray and not give up - Luke 18:1.

I liked her illustration a lot and it reminded me of my post the other day about Perseverance.

She writes that while watching her son's football practices she noticed that the offensive linemen would often stop blocking the defensive players before the whistle was blown calling the play dead. Then the coaches would tell the players to "block until the whistle blows." That reminded her of the Lord's admonition to keep praying.

We, and I surely include myself in the group, do often give up too early on lots of things I think. We work and work at something and sometimes it seems the harder we work the more difficult the task becomes. Others see our situation from a different perspective and realize we are inches away from our prize. But all we see is the pain and suffering and work and difficulty that remains. So we quit.

Anyway I really liked the illustration and thought I'd share my appreciation.


Lori1955 said...

Please let me know when the whistle blows.

dave said...

We probably do give up too soon way too often. But sometimes we hang on too long too. The key must be to know when to stop.
Thanks for the reminder!