Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hidden Stuff

The workers who are building the Chick-Fil-A keep finding buried things.

The other day the big telephone cable was cut and several businesses lost telephone service. I was at Starbucks right after it was cut. They gave me my coffee since they couldn't use their computers. Really I didn't have anything to do with the cable being cut but last Saturday the manager complained about it and about a skunk family living near the dumpster enclosure. I really don't have much say about skunk families either.

The gas company came this week to lower an existing gas line. It is 4 inches and that seems pretty big to me. It has to be lowered 4 feet so this driveway can go over it. In the process of uncovering it the workers found 3 more lines that apparently were unknown to engineers and those people who come around and mark lines.

There was a big hullabaloo about it and 5 or 6 of those little trucks of the marker people were out there. There was another group of men standing around the hole. Some of them were talking on cell phones. I thought to myself that's never a good sign really to see a big group of men all standing around looking down into a big hole.

Two of the lines belong to the telephone company. One is bigger around than my arm. The other one is smaller. No one seems to know exactly where they go or why they are not marked on any of our plans. So we are waiting on the phone company to tell us what to do about theirs.

The other one is steel and I asked what it was and no one knew. I asked what I should do about it and one guy suggested calling the City. I guess I will.

All this made me think about other hidden things.

Hidden things don't really hurt anything much unless you have to unearth them. Probably if we hadn't been working on the Chick-Fil-A they would have remained hidden until many years from now when some long future archeologist would find them. She'd probably think they were some kind of artifact used in a bizarre religious ceremony or some such thing.

There's hidden things in life, too. You don't know about them until you are moving stuff around and they surface, sometimes unexpectedly.

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Lori1955 said...

Why is it when those hidden things come to surface, they are never anything good? Wouldn't hidden treasure be nice. :)