Saturday, July 14, 2007


Each time I moved I got rid of a lot of stuff. By the time I came back home to help out Mom and Dad I had a one bedroom apartment worth of stuff and a little more in a storage rental. I gave most all of that away and ended up with about a pickup load I guess. I don't really have that much anymore. I had a TV when I came here but it broke not too long ago.

Everything else pretty much belongs to Dad. Actually Dad thinks that everything belongs to him whether it does or not.

It used to bother me that I had no house or car or anything else for that matter. But it doesn't seem very important anymore.

I had carved out some private areas for myself. My room wasn't one of those things though and my wife remodeled it when she thought she would live her with me some. And when someone spends the night to look after dad they use my room. So I guess it is a kind of public space now. I think the closest thing I have to something really mine is this laptop and my Treo.


Funny though - don't miss having stuff.

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