Friday, July 27, 2007

Where Would I Go?

This question, "Where would you go?", was discussed on a forum not long ago.

Partly my real answer would have to do with time as in how long can I be gone and when can I leave and what else is going on in my life. When I really think about it there are lots of pesky real-life issues that arise. Not the least of which is my wife's preference.

But I suppose since this is an imaginary trip I might as well imagine the constraints away as well. There are several places I would like to visit.

I haven't seen all of the United States yet. Mainly the New England states and the Pacific Northwest. I haven't made it to North Dakota either. I would really like to visit the New England states. I think I would like to start in Boston. That might be a good Fall trip. I would like to stay there for a month or maybe longer. I want to see Maine and maybe stay in a Vermont inn. And just drive though the countryside.

The Pacific Northwest is really appealing to me and all of Alaska. That's a definite trip I want to take. I am not much for cruises but an Alaska cruise is somewhat appealing to me.

I'd like to return to Hawaii and spend more time to visit all of the islands. I would like to have enough time to just really relax a while besides see a lot of the sites. I want to see the volcano too.

And I'd like to return to Australia but also spend more time and go to New Zealand, too. I would like to see Fiji too.

I watched a TV show about a train that traversed the entire width of Canada. That would be a trip I'd enjoy since I have yet to ride a train.

I think my wife would really enjoy a trip to Israel and maybe a side trip to Vienna. Vienna would have to be a music trip since my wife is a musician. I think she would really enjoy that. She deserves to go someplace really nice.

She wants to visit London again and I wouldn't mind touring all of the British Isles as well as Ireland.

Then there's New Mexico that has to be one of my favorite places to visit. I especially like that area around Los Alamos. I would like to hike through Bandalier again - not the overnight ones but the easy ones.

Strangely enough I really don't have much interest in Asia or most of Europe. I don't much care about France or Germany at all. Since I am of German descent it seems reasonable but it has never appealed to me. I wonder if there is a genetic revulsion. From what I can tell my ancestor was pretty happy to leave Germany and France.

Of course I enjoy visiting family too so that's an entirely different trip.

I wonder if I will get to do any of this.


~Betsy said...

Traveling has never been a big thing for me, but I think after this part of my life is over, I will try and visit some places, too.
My husband was born and raised in England. He moved here when he was 15. I can't help but think there is a whole side of him I really don't know much about - the culture, food, lifestyles.
My daughter has been to Germany and Sweden. She loved Sweden! She said it was one of the most beautiful places she has ever seen.
I'd also like to visit Australia - lucky you for having been there!

flintysooner said...

I have been lucky to travel so much. Especially since I always think of myself as only a little barefoot boy from rural Oklahoma.

My wife wants to travel a little and I hope we get to before our next round of caregiving.

Lori1955 said...

I have always had a wandering spirit. I really love traveling. Since I spent much of my youth overseas, I prefer traveling the US. OH you have me day dreaming again.

nancy said...

i have always wanted to go to australia, can't say why but ever since i have been little it's been a dream of mine. i as well love to travel so i hope it's in my reality somewhere down the road. great idea to start planning flintysooner. we can always dream at least.