Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Waiting, Or Why I Didn't Do This or That ...

No, I didn't exercise. No, I didn't read the paper. No, I didn't get to work any. No, I didn't get the other thing done either.

Why? Well, because I spent the day waiting.

When I got up I had to wait for Dad to awaken. Yes, I thought about exercising then but I hate to get started and then have to stop. Dad is a little unpredictable when he does wake up. Plus I don't want him to be soiled any longer than necessary.

After breakfast I had to wait on the Schwan's man, the hospice chaplain, and the hospice aide. By the time they were all complete it was 11:30 and I really needed a shower. So I locked the doors and got one really fast. Well, if I hadn't gotten the shower then I wouldn't have ever gotten one today. I just know from experience. Yes, I suppose I am a bad time manager.

Then there was lunch and insulin and trying to get Dad to sit with me instead of going back to bed. But finally he went to bed anyway. But then I had to wait on my grocery shopper.

Right now I'm waiting on her to return so I can put up the groceries. My entire day is cut up into these little segments it seems.

Somehow it is hard for me to begin things when I have an hour or less to do them. So I sit here with the laptop and read the news and the forums and do a little blogging. Soon though the groceries will be put away and I should have about 2 hours to do anything I want before supper. Oh, I forgot about the laundry. It is amazing how much two people can create - well one person at least.

At some point I will reflect on the day. I realize now I've left out the UPS man and the mailwoman and a couple of other visitors. And I will wonder what in the world I did all day because really I've accomplished zero.

And then I will recall that most of the day was spent waiting. Waiting is surprisingly hard.

Of course the big wait is also going on. The little waits are just metaphors I suppose for the big one.


Lori1955 said...

Oh, I hear you. It is surprising how much time I can spend getting very little acomplished.

Kelsi said...

You said you've accomplished zero...but I must respectfully disagree with you. You have spent another day caring for your dad, and that is a wonderful and difficult thing. I, for one, admire you.

nancy said...

how you captured the essence of MY day as well. as i read your post i found myself shaking my head yes. thank you for putting into words what my day is actually like as well!