Saturday, July 28, 2007


I pray.

Sometimes it is almost effortless and others an awful struggle. Sometimes it is urgent and at others more casual.

Sometimes answers are immediate and obvious. Several years ago dad would mow the lawn with this old Allis-Chalmers lawn tractor. It was nearly 40 years old at the time. I clearly recall when it was purchased. I have a Polaroid photo somewhere of dad on that tractor when both were much younger. But after 40 years the tractor had developed a few problems and when it was built safety concerns were not a priority. One day I looked out the window only to see dad off the tractor and inspecting underneath the mower deck white the blades were turning. I ran outside and turned the mower off and of course had a huge argument with dad.

The tractor broke several times and dad would not even hear of replacing it regardless of my best efforts to the contrary. So I made it a matter of prayer and had a small army of believers praying with me. Shortly thereafter a nearby John Deere dealer advertised their John Deere lawn tractors on sale. I showed the ad to dad with no real thought the result would be any different than countless times previously. But he agreed and my mouth dropped open. I called the dealer and they brought out the tractor the next day.

Sometimes though a prayer is answered and I don't immediately recognize the answer. Just such a time occurred this week. Dad had this growth on his hand. I had it removed by the surgeon when dad had gall bladder surgery a couple of years ago. But it came back and was quite pronounced. I had been praying for some time about the growth. Friday morning I finally noticed it was gone. But I don't know when it left. I was so happy it was gone but so upset with myself that I had not noticed.

So I've been wondering how many other prayers the Lord has answered that I have not noticed.

Regardless the Lord is good.

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~Betsy said...

Wow - it is amazing sometimes when we don't notice something, but so wonderful your prayers were answered. I have always thought The Lord works in strange ways. Your post confirms it.