Friday, August 10, 2007

Change on a dime

Wednesday Dad was so weak. He would not eat breakfast but I managed to get him to heat lunch and supper but not very much.

But Thursday he was hungry and was easily able to come down with me for breakfast and then sat with me on the porch until nearly noon. He was much weaker by then and the shuffle step was so pronounced. But otherwise he was very alert. He even let the aide shave him enough to get rid of most of his mustache but not the rest of the beard.

The nurse came about 4:30 pm and I took his temperature for her. He was 98.6. He greeted her and she said she thought he remembered her. He has no clue who she is but I guess it doesn't hurt anything for her to think that. Strange how people want to be remembered even when they are knowledgeable about the disease.

Suddenly during supper he became really fidgety and his hand began shaking to the point he could barely hold his glass or his spoon. He felt hot to me. Sure enough he had 101. So in 2 hours his temp goes from normal to 101. Later it hit 102.

But by bedtime it is coming down. He is resting now.

Just amazing.


~Betsy said...

Temperature usually means infection. Could dad have pneumonia or a UTI? I don't know and I'm no expert - just grasping at straws. This has to be frustrating for you, and a little unnerving, too.

Funny about the aide wanting to be remembered. It's human nature I guess.

flintysooner said...

Thanks Betsy - but it is already back to normal now. This has happened before. I really think it has something to do with the disease. I think if it were an infection then the fever would persist.

Lori1955 said...

Sorry your dad is going through this. That is just so strange how his temp can fluctuate like that.