Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Fountainhead

Last night (Friday) we watched the old (1949) movie, The Fountainhead, with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal. The movie is based on the 1943 novel by Ayn Rand who also wrote the screenplay.

The title is from Rand's statement that "man's ego is the fountainhead of human progress".

I remember the movie from my childhood. But I was a little disappointed by the movie because it did not seem as good to me now as my memory recalled. But that's not unusual. I have had similar disappointments with other memories.

Later, when I was a young adult, I became interested in Rand's philosophy and was very impressed with her novel, Atlas Shrugged. I was an atheist then.

I know Rand would not approve of my faith. She was adamant in her atheism. She would certainly not believe in my contention that I have been called by God to be a caregiver.

On the other hand I think she would rather admire my stubborn perseverance to serve my own ideals and standards.

Gary Cooper was the perfect choice to play the heroic Howard Roark character.

Then we followed the movie with Dr. G Medical Examiner. We are strange people.

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~Betsy said...

Movie night sounds great - a big bowl of popcorn and old movies!

Many of the old movies I remember being fabulous have lost a bit of their flavor to me as well. Strange how we remember things.