Saturday, January 5, 2008

details, the little things

I didn't capitalize on purpose. It's a little thing and a detail.

SkyGirl made me think about this the other day in a comment about a clock that a bank installed. Here's what she wrote:

Remember that fancy bank that I took video of, so impressive brick, and with the place for the clock? Well, I drove by today, and the clock was finally up, but not set, not keeping time? For some reason I thought that I would know when that Bank was open, because that clock would start ticking! But as I drove by, I saw the big Banner "We Are Open!"

I went in and told them my feelings about that, and perhpas it was an over-sight, but bad for business! HA! I think they spent 10Million Dollars on building this Bank, all Mahogany, and Slate, Marble, Chandeliers, etc, and forgot to set that Clock! LOL!
I notice this kind of thing a lot. Over at my Starbucks for instance. It is about a $1 Million building and they have like 40 people that work there or maybe more in shifts of probably 4 or 5 or 6. And the little detail that bothers me is the trash, as in they don't pick it up. Especially the trash can out at the drive through. If you can't stuff anything in that can then why bother to put it out there?

When we were building web sites for people the first thing they all wanted was an email address. In those early days we always monitored the email accounts that were established and we noticed that most of our clients would not check their email. Here they spent all this money putting up a site and they got traffic and contacts by email but they didn't answer or follow up. Made no sense to me.

Anyway just made me think.


nancy said...

details, little things....i guess that's why i don't capitalize on my blog as well, it's just a little thing, and i can type and get my thoughts down faster if i don't have to worry about using the cap key. i'm sorry for all those that it bothers. i can appreciate though what you are saying. FYI, When I have to write anything professional or for a business matter, I do use proper etiquette and use the cap key.

for me it's seeing all the fancy medical office waiting rooms or hospital foyers and knowing that the quality of care inside does not match up with the exterior.

~Betsy said...

I am not a detail-oriented person, but I know many who are. The bank clock would bother me, though.

One of my pet peeves is overflowing trash in a fast food place. It makes me sick - literally - to push my trash into a can like that. I usually sit the tray on top at that point.

Before caregiving, I was much more tuned in to details. But over those two years, I learned to only worry about the big stuff. The details put me in overload.

flintysooner said...

Nancy - caps or not doesn't bug me - just my way of illustrating a detail and a little thing.

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

deatils and little things. And how those little things seems so important at times. Speaking of trash, I really can't stand to see fast food bags along the sides of roads and interstates. How hard is it to keep the bag in the car until one gets home to put it in their own trash? Sometimes, it's the little things that are done with little thought that can either make the world ugly or beautiful...depends on how the little thing is handled.

SKYGIRL said...

HA! Flinty! I am so glad you 'got' that! Sometimes I think it was that I was raised by an engineer, that I think the way that I do, but guess what?

They set that clock tut' suite! I feel so powerful! LOL! I also wonder how much new business they got, because of it? It was the cherry on top! It looks so polished, so finished now.

They looked like they were in there twiddling their thumbs, when we had that talk!

I think I deserve a comish? Whadda think? HA!