Monday, January 21, 2008


Verichip RFID for people

This thing has been out for a while and received FDA approval in 2004. It's been on all of the major networks.

Verichip's parent company is Applied Digital Solutions. Then in early 2007 a new business was created to promote the product for human use. You won't believe the name of the new company - or maybe you will - Xmark.

You just can't make this stuff up - X mark. One competitor is Digital Angel. (Angel!!) These people must be more isolated from popular culture than I am.

The data on the Verichip is not encrypted so anyone with a reader can access the data. There is instruction on the Internet to clone the chips, too. At least one successful cloning was done as a demonstration. If you come too close to certain communication equipment it is also possible to get rather painful and dangerous RF burns.

At least one company has developed a shirt which shields the user from RFID scanners.

A lot of interest in protecting Alzheimer's sufferers using the Verichip.

Struck me as interesting.

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~Betsy said...

Since mom wasn't a wanderer, I may feel differently than a lot of caregivers on this subject. I don't know if I could ever implant this in a LO. But then again, if I had an escape artist, I may feel differently.

It's amazing what technology can do. Times are sure changing, huh?