Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ten Tenors

Friday night we went to see the Ten Tenors. A friend and his wife invited us some time ago and we accepted. We bought supper at Steak and Ale and our friends bought the tickets. And they drove us there as well.

There was the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall. I saw Yo-Yo Ma perform at this same hall several years ago. That was a fabulous performance. And this is a fabulous venue since it was remodeled several years ago. It was even better Friday night although it was really cold and a little nasty on the weather side to get there.

We sat in the box seats left of stage (as you are looking at) and on the mezzanine level which is about the 4th story. The box seats don't really offer the best view of the entire stage but still it was a tremendous experience to be there and watch and listen and clap and yell and holler and stuff.

We hope to go again when Art Garfunkel comes in a few weeks. I saw him and Paul Simon about 30 plus years ago now when I was attending the University of Oklahoma. That performance was in the old field house. I think it is gone now but back then it was pretty small and intimate and held about 5,000 of us. But then again that was when Simon and Garfunkel were new and not nearly so popular as they later became.

Today we watched Hairspray. I thought "Good grief is that a man?" when the star's mother first appeared. And it was John Travolta. We enjoyed it.

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~Betsy said...

I won four tickets to Simon and Garfunkel a few years back. We had great seats! My son was 14 then and he was "too cool" to see a bunch of old farts perform. I made him come along anyway. He LOVED it! The concert left a huge impression on him. He's a talented musician and I had really hoped he'd enjoy the performance. I wasn't disappointed.

It's great that you are getting out and about, Terry. I'm thrilled to see you enjoying life. You deserve it.