Tuesday, January 22, 2008

High School Musical

We watched 1 and 2 of this movie last Friday night and Saturday afternoon. We both really enjoyed the entire DVD including the other features. We especially liked the rehearsals that were included.

I think we enjoyed the first one more than the second but maybe just because it was new. The music, the choreography, the actors, even the stories - were all entertaining and just kind of "nice".

Oleysa Rulin plays Kelsi Nielsen. She reminds me so much of Judy's oldest granddaughter it is uncanny.

And strangely enough Judy's granddaughter recently played the part in a stage performance at her school. After we watched the movie we certainly understood choosing her to play the character. Always helps if you look like someone.

These kids are all very young. Oleysa Rulin was 20 when the first musical was released. Vanessa Hudgens was only 18 and Zac Efron was 19.

We really enjoyed watching Lucas Grabeel who plays Ryan Evans in the film. He was especially interesting in the rehearsals clips. And Ashley Tisdale was great, too.

Really good movies if you haven't gotten to see them. Made me feel good.

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~Betsy said...

I have never seen these but I understand they are hugely popular. Thanks for the recommendation. I have some free time coming up so I just might hit up Blockbuster!