Sunday, January 6, 2008


Friday night (Jan 4, 2008) I stopped by the store.

I hunted a card and found one that had a music score across the front and on the upper right was printed "US" and inside was more of the score and something about making sweet music and a place for me to write something. I thought it was appropriate because Judy is a musician and I thought she'd like it.

Then I hunted something as close as I could find to that Mighty Putty stuff that we've been watching Billy Mays advertise on TV the last several weeks. Because we've been laughing about it and how his commercials make us want to get some of the stuff. I ordered some but it won't arrive until sometime next week so this was just a symbolic stand-in.

Then I bought an already cold bottle of diet coke. Judy doesn't drink wine or beer but she will occasionally drink a little diet coke.

In the car I wrote some stuff in the card about how we'll compose a new song in our new house and stuff like that.

I just hid everything in the bag and kind of pushed it under my jacket in the back seat.

Then I picked her up from home and got four Dixie cups while she was distracted. I put those in my sack but one dropped out of my hand in the process and the wind caught it. So I had to chase a single Dixie cup across the yard in a gale force wind! Made me laugh at myself.

We stopped along the way to feed the horses. One thing about the horses is that they are always happy to see me along about feeding time.

Then we drove over to the new house. The guys had been working on removing the wall paper. It is all vinyl faced though and so the removal is a little slow going.

We got out of the car and I reached around and got my little bag. When we got to the door of the house I unlocked it and we both went inside and I placed the bag on the floor and said "Wait a minute, something I need to do." She looked at me all puzzled. I opened the storm door and locked it open with that little metal slider thing on the door closer at the top. I had imagined all this in my mind and my choreography was executed perfectly if I do say so. Then I escorted her back outside. Just outside the threshold I kind of pivoted and reached down with my right arm while holding her at the waist with my left. I lifted her off the ground which isn't much of a chore since she is so small. And I carried her back over the threshold into the new house.

She was very surprised and kind of bemused but happy, too.

Then I had her wait a second and I poured our diet coke into two Dixie cups. I handed her the card. She opened it and was all smiles which made me all smiles, too. She had to sound out the music for me. Of course I had no idea what it sounded like and still really still don't even after she hummed it.

We toasted with our diet coke by entwining arms and wishing each other much happiness and new life in our new home. We embraced and kissed.

Then, arm in arm, we went to inspect the house.

It was very sweet.


Katmir said...

(((standing ovation!!!)))


Annie said...

YOU are very sweet.

You don't have an unmarried brother lurking around anywhere, do you? :)Someone with your sweet and caring genes?

What a perfectly fine thing you did. Again, congratulations on the house. Most importantly, congratulations on having Judy in your life!

~Betsy said...

This was a very sweet thing to do. As Mom would say, "You're a keeper!"

nancy said...

oh terry,

you brought tears to my eyes, i'm such a sucker for romance and i'm sure judy was taken as well.

i had to smile though as i read about how you were chasing a dixie cup.

i wish you and judy many long years in your new life, new home, creating lots of music and new memories!

p.s. let me know how the mighty putty is when you get it, bob and i have wondered about it as well. maybe i should order some for myself!

SKYGIRL said...

AUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Flinty! You "ARE" a true Romantic! Who knew?

Congrats on your new life, and I suspect they can be postponed as well, when they need to be! ;-)

Susan M said...

Here's to you dear Flinty and your beloved Judy...may you have many new and wonderful memories in your house with the new porch!

Joanne D. Kiggins said...

That is so sweet! I can imagine how Judy's heart must have soared with all that romance. Got a chuckle out of you chasing the Dixie cup. Could actually picture you doing that. I wish you and Judy many years of happiness in your new home and hope you make many wonderful memories together. Sounds like you've already started! Congrats!

*(·¸*Chris*¸·)* said...

I raise my glass of "leaded" coke to you and Judy. God bless you both.