Friday, March 14, 2008

Conflict Makes Me Sad

Some fellows from my city bought the Seattle basketball team a while back. Now they want to bring the team to Oklahoma City. Fans in the city of Seattle are understandably upset about the prospect of losing their team that has been there for 40 years. Fans in Oklahoma City are understandably excited about getting a team. But there is tremendous conflict with name calling and slurs and threats of violence.

Then there was this legislator here the other day that said some unkind things about homosexuals. She achieved You Tube fame as well as the need for protection because of the volume of death threats she's received. She's married to a pastor apparently.

Mr. Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, also made it to You Tube. He says some terrible things. It is hard to believe he is a pastor.

Geraldine Ferraro resigned from Mrs. Clinton's campaign because of remarks about Mr. Obama.

Mr. Eliot Spitzer resigned the governorship of the state of New York because he was caught paying a prostitute for sex. His wife stood by him when he announced his resignation.

Then there are those who believe human activity is causing the earth's temperature to increase.

There's others who feel so strongly about human activity hurting the environment that they burn down houses and destroy equipment and worse.

There are quite a few Islamic folks in the world who are intent on destroying the United States and all the people who live here.

There's a place called Israel where there is constant conflict.

There's no need to mention the other countries in the world who are at each others' throats.

These are just a few examples. I do not believe I could list all of them.

All of these conflicts make me tired and sad.


Lori1955 said...

All the conflict in the world really is sad. It all comes down to how we treat one another. What ever happened to the golden rule? What has happened to humanity?

~Betsy said...

I agree, Terry. I've gotten to the point where I don't watch the evening news any longer. I get my news from online and can pick and choose what I see. You're right - it's exhausting.

nancy said...

ditto your sentiments terry.