Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It Must Have Happened by Mary Chapin Carpenter

It Must Have Happened

Can't remember lookin' for somethin' so hard to find
I can't remember talkin' to myself just like I'd lost my mind
I can't remember rowin' towards the moon upon a single beam

But it must have happened
(Yeah) (Yes) it must have happened

Can't remember learning how to laugh at catastrophe
I can't remember losin' track of who I was s'pposed to be
I can't remember ridin' flyin' horses toward the golden ring


'Cause after all, baby
Here I am with the ring in my pocket
And the moon in my hand
After all, baby
Here I am with you

Can't remember seein' all my hopes goin' up in flames
I can't remember reachin' for the closest thing to dull the pain
I can't remember feeling I could be healed by a stranger's hand


'Cause after all, baby
Here I am in a bed of roses
With a punch-drunk cretin
After all, baby
Here I am with you

Can't remember lookin' for omens hopin' there was gonna be a sign
Can't remember figuring out the secret was inside me all this time
I can't remember walkin' without fear towards the light you shine

[Tag Chorus:]
But it must have happened
Yeah, it must have happened
And I know it happened
Yes, it must have happened
Darlin' look what happened


rilera said...

Hi Flinty, just checking in. Hope you are doing well.

~Betsy said...

I like Mary Chapin Carpenter, too. Thanks for sharing. :)