Saturday, March 8, 2008

Needed A Heater

I know it is March 8th and I know that spring is supposed to start on the 20th with the arrival of the vernal equinox.

But it was 20 degrees this morning.

And one of my little portable heaters is broken. And did I mention it was 20 degrees this morning?

Normally I would buy stuff like this from an Internet vendor, usually Amazon. But I figured I would just stop by Home Depot and get a heater. They didn't have any. Neither did Ace Hardware, Lowes, Wal-mart, as well as another place. Actually they had kerosene heaters but that didn't really help me.

I did take the opportunity to buy a new flashlight as well as a new lantern. I figure since we are coming into stormy season here in the next few weeks that those would be good items to have in the new home. I was hoping to move in by middle of April but probably going to be closer to middle of May. That's still stormy season though.

So when I returned home, heaterless, I jumped on Amazon and found one and it will be here Wednesday. It was on sale but at least there was one.

I also managed to buy a few groceries, hit the dry cleaners, and exercise. I wanted a Starbucks but the lines were insanely long so I decided this would be a no caffeine day. They were probably insanely long because it was 20 degrees.

I had to ask the places if they had heaters. In one place the girl I asked had to find someone that spoke better English than she did because she apparently didn't understand me. I was trying to make gestures indicating heater but I am not very good at signs in the first place and a heater is way beyond my ability.

I see where oil was at $106+ yesterday. That should keep things rolling (ha ha) around here for a while.


SKYGIRL said...

Flinty! I have that exact same Flash Lite! I love it, and bought it before my three week camping, and traveling trip, alone, in 1999, thinking I could use it as a weapon, in a pinch!

The Halfmoon Bay Police thought it would too! I think it is the same one the Police do use?

Stay warm! N.Mc. ;-)

rilera said...
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rilera said...

Wow. I thought we had it cold here in Minnesota. I hope you were able to find a heater somewhere.

~Betsy said...

I have three of those same flashlights. When we first moved in to this house, the electric would go out any time the wind went above 25 MPH. The electric company has since upgraded some things and our power outages aren't nearly as frequent, but those flashlights are awesome.

Stay warm!

Cinnamin said...

I totally understand your situation with the home improvement centers!

We are working on the many necessary repairs and some improvements on this house. I've wasted more time trying to explain to "customer service reps" (something is wrong with THAT title, as most employees do not know what customer service truly means) exactly what parts I need or want to do, so I'm asking what do I need.

I too have been spending way more time ordering things online. Even Lowes and Home Depot online are more helpful than the in store service! You can pre-order online and they will have it ready to be picked up at the service desk!! OR they will deliver from the store or ship the items directly to you. Some days UPS, FED EX and the USPS all leave packages here - I'm sure my neighbors think I'm still shopping for Christmas! I had to do most of my Christmas shopping online this year and there was a mad influx of boxes delivered! Anyway, long story short (too late, sorry!) I understand! : )

¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

We have a Mag light exactly like that. My husband and I used to use it a lot while we were working EMS. He kept it clipped on the back of his belt (the dang thing was huge!) and I used to pull it back and let it hit his backside.