Saturday, March 15, 2008

Freebirds, Birthdays, House Cleaning

Yesterday was Dad's 91st birthday. His birthday was just 4 days after his mother's and she would have been 118. And her birthday was just a few more days after my brother's. We tried to get together for his birthday when it happened but yesterday was our first opportunity. So he came down to the farm and we all (me, my son, and my brother) drove down to Norman to eat lunch at Freebirds.

freebirds_from_jeffcamI found a blog about Freebirds that is outstanding that shows one of the burritos and how they are made. I'll have to take some photos next time I go. The blog banner is "Words and Pictures, Cheap Eats, Fun Photos and Other Wonderful Things, By Noted Cheapskate Jeff Campbell in Austin, Texas." I thought that was a very cool title all by itself. The blog is worth reading or was for me anyway.

I should have taken some photos myself when I was at our Freebirds and I will next time. In the meantime I'm linking to this image from Jeff's excellent blog. This image shows how the burrito is served. There's another on the blog that shows how it is made. When you finish eating some people take the foil and make little artistic shapes with it and leave it along one of the walls. Except I can't ever finish mine so I keep the foil and use it to wrap mine up and take home with me and the fact that I can't make artistic shapes out of foil.

You walk in and make your way through a little pipe fence deal to a counter area. You choose your tortilla from wheat, cayenne, spinach, and white. Then you can choose rice and beans of several types and white chicken or dark or steak. I usually put jalapenos and other toppings on mine as well. I get the half bird size and it is too much for me. Other sizes are the Freebird, Monster, Super Monster. The Super Monster weighs between 6 and 9 pounds if you can believe that. Mine is a little over $5 which I think is pretty good.

The restaurant is located in the campus corner area of Norman. I should take some photos of that area, too. In the meantime I will link to this one from a web site.

Then we drove back home and went through the house. My daughter has volunteered to help me get everything out of the house so we can tear it down. It is a huge job.

We walked room by room and my brother found a craft he made in grade school and an old slide projector and Dad's old violin that he took. We found mom's rings and my brother took them to put in his safe deposit box. The craft he found was a rooster made out of some kind of seeds or beans or something on construction paper. It was about to fall apart but he really wanted it so we carefully carried it out to his car. We all told him that his wife was going to be so happy!

What we'll do first is get everything out and sorted into things someone in the family wants, stuff we give or sell, stuff we store, and stuff we throw away. So that starts Monday.


¸.•*´)ღ¸.•*´Chris said...

What a nice thing to get together for your fathers birthday. I think it's important to do something in honor of them on those days. I plan on going out to Mom and Dad's favorite restaurant on their anniversary, just to celebrate for them.

The cleaning of the know I understand that all too well. Sounds like you have a plan on how you want to do things. And thank goodness you are getting help. It will come in handy during those times you find something that triggers emotion. Take it slow and when you need to take a break, just take it. Go out for a bite to eat, a short walk, but just don't dive in full boar and burn yourself out.

I will be thinking of you as you preform these final tasks. It's hard. (((hugs)))

nancy said...

happy birthday to your dad, your grandma and your brother. i was drooling as you described your lunch. mexican is my absolute favorite type of food.

i will be thinking and praying for you on monday as we both start something new. you, going through your parents home and me starting a new job. somehow, i think you have the harder task.

~Betsy said...

Good luck with the house, Terry. It sounds like you have a good plan and hopefully it won't be too hard. I wish I could have taken more time before I dug into mine.

Enjoy those burritos!