Thursday, February 28, 2008

Five Thousand Words

I am over 5,000 words now. I am only writing about the first thee years. Mostly it is from memory. There are some notes I wrote in the hospital but I have not found them yet. I am pretty certain I saw them though since Dad died.

I haven't been able to write anything since Sunday. I've tried a few times but I have just had too many things going on. Then when I have had some time I have been too tired.

At least I am pretty happy with Microsoft Word 2007. I added a macro that lets me save my work to two different locations. One location I name the file with the date and time. That's because early on I lost some work and I decided I needed better procedures.

I also set up an account with Amazon's S3 (simple storage system) and use it now for my off-site storage. That is pretty cool stuff.

I started with the time leading up to my coming to stay with mom and dad. Then I've skipped around a little as I have tired of writing about one subject. I have some loosely identified chapters I think.

If I sit down and start typing it is surprising to me what comes up from somewhere in the depths of my mind. I think to myself that I am as dry of ideas as the desert but once my hands touch the keyboard things happen usually.

Not always though. Sometimes I really am just out of words and when that happens there is no forcing it.

In some ways it is painful because in a certain way it is like reliving those events. But it is also a cathartic process and it offers some relief as well. I think that is especially true about the first three years because caring for mom was so intense before her death and then caring for dad was so intense right after.

I think the closer years may be harder even though there is so much more data. I am surprised at how much research I have to do actually. I have a lot of written information dating from 2001 that I need to read through.

I am also thinking about conducting some interviews.

That's my update.


Lori1955 said...

Oh, I am so glad you are writing. I can't wait to read the finished product when it is published!!!

~Betsy said...

Keep at it, Terry. There is no time limit so forgive yourself for the days you don't write (for whatever reason) and pat yourself on the back for the days you do.

Annie said...

I'm looking forward to reading it!

cornbread hell said...

this is good news to me. one of my favorite writers writing about something important to me.

can't wait.

~♥Chris♥~ said...

What Rick said. I so can't wait for this book to come out.

Take care, Terry, your doing good!

nancy said...

i agree, i'm so excited for you that you are getting words down on paper. (or should i say computer memory!). can't wait till you publish it!