Monday, February 25, 2008

Missing Bees

I watched this 60 Minutes program about the missing bees. One of my friends keeps bees and he had told me about the problem long ago. It is pretty serious for agriculture and will eventually be very serious for the entire food supply. Bees are just disappearing and no one really knows why.

There was this bee keeper who had offered an idea about the problem to the interviewer. He thinks it is due to a certain insecticide that is widely used now.

The government fellow that is working on the issue was interviewed, too. He thinks it is a more complicated problem and it will take years to figure it out and years more to come up with a fix.

I'd lay odds right now that the bee keeper is right and whatever insecticide he mentioned should be curtailed immediately.

So here I am on record and everyone can see whether or not I'm right or wrong.


steflovesnonna said...

My mom watched the same thing. I called her up one day and she sounded sad. I said "whats wrong mom?" She said the bees are gone. I was really confused. lol. Thanks for sharing more people should know about this... its pretty crazy.

~♥Chris♥~ said...

I remember when I was a young girl getting stung by bees every summer for a while. As time has gone by, I have noticed there aren't as many bees, either. I have wondered if it was an insecticide myself. I'm sure your friend is correct.

nancy said...

you made me realize that yes, there aren't near as many bees as there were when i was growing up.

~Betsy said...

The farm down the road raises bees. There are plenty around here the minute the temperatures climb into the 50's. But if there is truth to your post, I'd be willing to bet it has to do with insecticides.