Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I had an argument (kind of) with someone yesterday. Kind of, because it was on a forum.

The exchange of postings went like this (edited by me for inclusion in my blog) in a thread about a local theater:

Person 1: The employees there only get 10 minute breaks.

Person 2: Good. Maybe my popcorn will be fresh.

Person 1: More like it will be spit in. wouldn't blame'em.

Person 3: because they have a job they hate? If you hate your job, get a different one.

Person 4: It's hard to get another job, when there aren't many jobs out there to be had.

flinty***: Hard to imagine a much lower unemployment rate of 3.6%.

Person 4: When you lose your job and can't find another come, I don't want to hear you crying.

flinty***: I don't understand why someone would work somewhere they hate.

Even if they hate their job and their employer I don't understand why they would spit in some innocent person's popcorn.

I don't understand why other people would defend such behavior.

I checked the unemployment statistics here again this morning. We have 120,540 people available for work in our county. 116,170 people are employed leaving 4,370 unemployed. Our big neighbor county that includes most of Oklahoma City has 339,350 people available for work with 14,890 unemployed. That's 4.4% for them. Combined we have 19,260 unemployed out of 459,890 or 4.19%.

We've had various oil busts, real estate busts, and a huge banking bust. I vividly recall unemployment rates in the high teens and low 20% range around here. It was bad.

This notion that we have high unemployment here in our area is crazy. I can't even imagine what people would do if we really had economic trouble.

And I still don't get the deal about spitting in a patron's popcorn because you don't get a long enough break.

I must be really, really old. I sound exactly like my dad recalling the terrible days of the depression and comparing them to the present.


~Betsy said...

I can't imagine a worker randomly spitting in someone's popcorn either. Don't like your movie theater job? Try fast food - you'll beg for your job back. :)

~♥Chris♥~ said...

Being in food service, I have seen vile things done to food when it is sent back.

That being said, again, if someone hates their job that much, it's time to move on. Making others unhappy along the way is a waste of energy and time.

nancy said...

and why if you hate your job and employer would you take it out on someone uninvolved and innocent. makes no sense at all. thanks for sharing. i'm still shaking my head.....