Friday, February 8, 2008

House Progress

Practically everyone I know is now sick or just recovering including both me and Judy.

But we've managed to keep the house project going. I'm at the stage where I wonder if this were all a huge mistake. I always encounter this stage somewhere along the line in my construction projects so I am not surprised. There is nothing to do about it because I'm too far along to stop and it is closer now to the finish than the start.

But it is such a mess and so torn up. And the demolition uncovers so many flaws of the original construction and the wear and tear of the subsequent 23 years.

That part made me think about my life in general though. It is kind of the same. There were the original flaws imposed by genetics and environment. And there's been a lot of damage done by living nearly 60 years. And the end is closer than the beginning so it is way too late to turn around.

Yesterday I ordered the windows. I decided to go with Pella but considered several other options. They are just fabulous windows and I'm really anxious to get them here and let my guys get them installed. Then I ordered the security system and the home theater system and the whole house sound system. It is going to be awesome. Things have changed so much in this area and I'm sure we're at the beginning rather than the end of such improvements. We're going with a 50" Plasma TV and a 7.1 surround system. That means 3 rear speakers, 2 front, center channel, and sub-woofer (hence the 7 if you count them). I didn't know this. Just amazing sound quality and the cost is surprisingly less than I expected. The whole house sound system has 6 zones and 6 selectable sources plus 2 simultaneous radio sources. The security system is state-of-the-art as well.

The structure for the new vaulted ceiling is nearly done and should be covered with sheetrock by next week. The wiring and new HVAC will all be done by next week. The floor covering materials are all gone and the wallpaper is gone. And the termites are gone. And all the insulation is gone. But next week or the following we'll begin replacing some stuff.

J goes to select flooring tomorrow. That's pretty exciting. Then she'll choose the vanity and kitchen counter tops. Still lot's to do though.


~Betsy said...

Many years ago, I worked in the decorating industry. I sold wallpaper, paint, flooring and custom window treatments. Every time I had a customer who was doing a whole house renovation, they were as overwhelmed as you sound here.

I don't have any sound advice other than to just take a deep breath and attack one project at a time. Oh - and carry swatches with you everywhere you go!

Hang in there.

nancy said...

even though i sure it is stressful now i'm sure you and judy will both enjoy the end product. your whole entertainment system sounds wonderful - i'm jealous!!

glad to hear you are feeling better. bob has been under the weather this whole week. i'm just hoping i don't catch it. it's times like these i'm glad the boys are off at school so we have multiple empty bedrooms!

*(·¸*Chris*¸·)* said...

Sounds like you all are really rockin that house out!

Your project adventure sounds like giving birth to a baby. I think the experts would say you are in the transition stage. Push Terry Push!!!