Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Cigar

That phrase is popularly attributed to Sigmund Freud. Some people say there is no evidence he said it and others hold the opposite opinion. It doesn't matter to me whether he actually said it or not because it communicates the subject of my interest. Most people understand that it means that sometimes things are just what they seem to be with no deeper meanings.

Sunday I watched several of the TV talk shows. The commentators talked about some of Mrs. Clinton's remarks at the last debate. She said that she was proud of being a candidate for president along Mr. Obama and that regardless the outcome she (and Mr. Obama) were going to be fine. The commentators were speculating what she meant by those words and whether it was a tactical or strategic maneuver.

No one seemed to think that she might have said what she said just because she meant it.

I know the political types that read this will chuckle and think I am naïve. I nod my head sadly and think they are jaded and cynical. I am certain that someone who is running for political office makes some kind of calculation every time they open their mouth.

I know several people who have run for public office. I know a few who've served. The jobs are difficult and there is more criticism than praise by about a million to one. The people I've known were pretty good human beings. That is to say they were far from perfect but neither were they evil either.

Seems to me it is worth sometimes giving them the benefit of the doubt. It's not like any of us have suddenly developed the ability to predict with certainty the thoughts and intentions of the hearts of others. And several of us, me included, have a bit of a problem with "… the timber in our own eye" to borrow from the Scriptures.

Soon though the republicans and the democrats will begin bashing each other with increasingly virulent ferocity.

Of course each side believes they are right and what they are doing is not bashing but just telling the truth. I think they mean it, too. I find it a bit frightening actually.

I suppose it will be a long and stormy season.


~♥Chris♥~ said...

I am waiting for the mudslinging myself. This is certainly going to be a very interesting election.

~Betsy said...

In local elections, I tend to vote for the candidate who slings the least mud. It gets old.

The Presidential election will be interesting for sure.