Friday, September 12, 2008

Development Update

This image shows the boring machine that is being used to bury a new sanitary sewer beneath the road in front of the house.

It is amazing to me that this can be done.  The contractor is actually boring and placing a fairly large (to me anyway) line nearly 200' and it is pretty deep.  I think it is about 10' or 12' deep on the house end and ends up nearly 20' deep on the other.

They delivered the machine on a really big truck.  This image is a bit deceiving although you can see men standing next to the machine for scale.  

But those "rods" that are visible on the side of the machine weigh more than 200 pounds each.

This is all possible by virtue of GPS technology for both planar positioning as well as depth.  Getting beneath the road seems difficult to me but the worse part is tunneling beneath a bunch of other utilities on the other side of the road.

I am not mechanically inclined so I am in awe of people being able to actually do this.  The fellow that runs the machine told us that they have one machine that can place pipe over one mile in length and very deep.

This project is for the new Chick-Fil-A that will be built just north of the house.  This will be our first sale of land since my dad's death.  My brother and I managed to keep our promise to our parents.  The sale doesn't actually occur until we have all the utilities to the site.  

One bad thing is that the septic tank system is going to be destroyed in this endeavor.  Which means that the house becomes more unlivable and brings closer the day when the structure itself will be removed.  

Did I mention that it is very expensive being in the development business?  If there's any doubt let me put those doubts to rest.

This is a sign just erected by the City of Moore, Oklahoma where we live.

It was my dad's and mom's desire to support the community with a gift of land after their deaths.  So my family is donating about 3 acres to the City of Moore for a new fire station.

The City is going to erect a plaque in the fire station recognizing the gift of the land by our parents.

We thought it was a fitting memorial for our parents and it honored their long time support of the community where they lived.  I have renderings of the fire station building and will post them in a later post.


~Betsy said...

That's an impressive machine!

Your family donation is a wonderful gift.

Lori1955 said...

It really is amazing what they can do with machines and a lot of know how.

What a wonderful and generous gift that is to donate that land for a fire station. I look forward to seeing pictures.